You’re Not Looking Deep Enough

edit: I can’t believe that I didnt’ say this, but to CatMaster3000, I am really sorry for your loss! You had a beautiful relationship with Kitten, and I hope that she is happily chasing stars in the sky and looking down at you.

Stories have words, but have those words ever caused you to look deeper into its soul to find why it was written in the first place? As a writer, I can tell you that there is always an underlying motive that causes words to flow out into sentences. The trigger is always an emotion that drives my thoughts into bouts of frenzied typing (writing, any way that allows me to produce the words that fight for light).

We live in a world that is full of emotion, but it’s not always driven by soul. As a matter of fact, there is a distinct soullessness that permeates the shiny exterior we all cherish. That exterior is fashioned by the drive for beauty, but the undercurrents flow with something else altogether. So, when I saw this post on Reddit, I knew that it would be a worthwhile journey. Note [deleted] because it’s important in today’s world: When those corporations who are people can make you afraid to speak out loud, then you know that the world is going down a road full of sinkholes and it won’t get better until life is fixed!
















It’s always so easy to follow the beauty of advertisements because that’s kind of what they’re made for. But sometimes, just sometimes, another perspective can turn all of that beauty on its head. Status quo loves to tout all of the good that comes from following what is accepted by the majority. But have we ever really tried to see it from the other side? If you’ve never traveled outside of your sphere of existence, then you wouldn’t know that there is an underbelly to our world driven by commerce. Lately though, it seems like it’s becoming easier to see that the reality of life is screaming for our attention, to fix all of the injustices which are being ignored because of whatever reason status quo has to offer.

This particular image strikes at the heart of the matter. Some people try to shine light on all of the accepted ugliness that we no longer challenge, until we are personally affected by it, because that’s how the truth is uncovered.

Have you listened to the words coming from the mouths of our leaders and institutions of late? It always sounds so pretty, until we see the actions that follow. Those are pretty ugly, because they belie all of those pretty words that have no substance. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to look harder to find people who are worth paying attention to. Perhaps that’s why people flock to blogs like this because they are looking for depth behind beauty. No, I’m not saying that I have such to offer, just that I’m trying to find examples to tout just as much as you all are. And on that note, I do continue to appreciate those who drop in (especially those with comments directly related to what I’m writing about), though I’m still unsure whether you mean your words or if you’re looking for a reward for your efforts? I still continue to hold hope that some of you are driven by the same inspirations that keep me delving into our incredible universe – and just want to share in the journey.

Life shouldn’t be about the pursuit of rewards. It shouldn’t be about plaques on a wall, glory being plied in public, or anything remotely associated to the superficial garments that we all wrap around ourselves because status quo tells you it’s a requirement. In truth, it really isn’t in order to experience the fullness that all of life has to offer.

Take CatMaster3000‘s story about his Kitten. I have never seriously cried as much as I did going through their story, and others were just like me. If you have a companion who is different from you (read: non-human), then I tip my hat to you. I’ve never had a pet family member because we moved so much. Right now, I have friends who pop into our backyard to nibble, meow, and be cuddled until they reach their limit, and even that is killing my heart. I don’t know how pet “owners” (I know it’s the other way around) do it, because your heart takes a real beating.

How about the story about YMCA Encinitas, where two of its former boardmembers wanted to stand up for the kids who would suffer from their company’s new desire to only serve families and not individuals. It’s refreshing to see people who fight for more than bigger profits for less efforts. Perhaps all the news are telling you that our institutions of yesteryear are no longer qualified to be the leaders that they still claim to be.

And did you watch the rage-inducing show from Rachel Maddow regarding the recent news cycle:

It was enough for me to have a permanent vein popping in my head. And to think that these are the people that we are supposed to follow and respect. If it hopefully awoke something inside of you that wants you to fight what status quo is offering, then your heart and soul are still working as they should.

There are so many people out there who are tired of waiting for change to happen, who don’t believe that voting holds the answers, who realize that we all need to DO instead of follow in order to reach a new standard of excellence. We need a standard that isn’t so worried about its golden (ok, it’s probably platinum or titanium now) sheen, but is aiming to really find the real power to lift those who have fallen towards a life-giving light. So my advice to you is to not respect someone because of the uniform that they wear, but because of their actions that moved you. Whether it’s a artist (just go through this blog to find some of my inspirations) or a musician (OMG, have you listened to Alisa Weilerstein) or even a writer whose heart rises above numbers (yup, I’m talking about Umair Haque), there are people out there who can move status quo towards the stars.

Because until you’re actually feeling like you need to change and grow while investigating all that life has to offer, you’re not looking deep enough. When you’re bleeding from the heart and your soul is joyfully dancing, then you know that you’re on the right path.

-oh and I also found another inspiring magazine (verynearlyalmost) that covers street art and much more with some amazing writing – just thought you should know


Another Legend Goes To The Stars…RIP BB King

I just heard the news that we’ve lost a musical legend. I’m glad that he went peacefully at the very end. My heart was in my throat when I’d heard about his declining health over the past month. We were lucky to have had his magic with us for so long, making music that soared to the heavens and back. He left a smile with everyone who heard him play. I remember watching this movie about his tremendous performance at Sing Sing, amazed at how his music reaches us all, no matter where we’re at. It would have been amazing to see him play live. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you should because it is incredible to watch a master at play. Thank you to those who made it and shared it with us all.

There are no words to say, but thank you BB King for accompanying us through the walk of life with your joyous sounds. We will miss you!

RIP BB King and condolences to your friends, family, and fans. You were one of a kind, and now you’ve reached the stars.


We NEED To Dream!

I’ve been silent for a while, because the world is back to frustrating me. No time, no patience, no sense. Exactly why am I on this planet? It can’t be just to do my job, because I need to be more than that. And the world needs to be more than what we’re told to vote for, because THAT is so not working for most of us. It’s getting to the point that I talk back to the TV or computer (too often) when I find myself in disagreement of something or someone. There have been so many someones that I disagree with, that I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to find a way to help rebuild this working disaster we currently live in. Leaders everywhere and status quo, I’m disagreeing with you! And to those of you who think that nothing is going to change, I’m determined to prove you wrong or die trying (and I really don’t want it to end like that).

This is what the world of today looks like (thanks again Reddit for helping me find an answer to almost everything):
















It doesn’t have to be like this! How about we try something different? I don’t know, how about we each get a chance to make a difference with our own talents and dreams! There are just too many talented dreamers out there who are remaking little bits of the world and sending it out to others who agree with them. Like:

OFFBITS – The Art of Spare Parts













We look at things that are needed and think they are trash. And yet someone else’s trash is anothers treasure…or at least that’s how the saying goes. So why did we ever grow up? Because the loss of our childhood has led to a seriously cookie-cutter, boring world devoid of any imagination. Who knew that bits of parts could lead to some amazing creations. This is like the next generation of builder blocks but only more portable. If you think this looks like fun, then check out their Kickstarter campaign now going (click the like above). I know that I did!


And to go a little further with the topic of imagination, take this pretty spot on (and amazing) image by adamtots (Books of Adam) of what an adult sees vs. a child:



















And If you need to see the world from a different perspective, then how about stepping into someone else’s shoes (and to celebrate Mom):

I’ve never given birth, but I have been a baby to my Mom and Dad. And I too would like to thank Mom and say sorry for the pain I caused (as well as missing lunch). Happy Mothers Day! Love you.


Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. And the best of all, they are as infinite as your imaginations. So the more you dream, then the brighter and deeper the world gets. The shallowness of the world around us can change each time we take an interest in someone’s dreams, ours and/or others. Talk to an artist and get their perspective on the world and why they do what they do. The leaders of today don’t get that everything isn’t about the almighty currency, but is about the deepest of souls. Perhaps the reason why status quo never changes is because too many of us listen to others who tell us that dreaming is a waste of time. The waste of time is living a life that isn’t the fullest that it can be. Money isn’t the only thing that makes the world go round, no matter what a suit will tell you.

Remember every time you’ve face a scene that felt so much bigger than you? Remember how you felt and how colorful everything was around you? Take that feeling and bottle it into the center of your heart and soul. Compare everything you do to that specific moment. If it falls short, then you have some dreaming (not work) to do.

…just saying


My First Commission Request…Thanks Fuller Designs

Here he is in all of his glory! Since I received my very first commission request, I’ve spent time just looking at the details that I asked for. James Fuller from Fuller Designs has been making cute little terrors that first caught my eye: his L’il Jammies. It always awesome when you can find a fellow admirer of all things fierce and scary and cute, all at the same time. But when you find someone who can create something from your own imagination, while breathing life into that dream, well you’ve found someone special. I was bitten by the art collecting bug years ago, but only buy pieces that really speak to me so that they remain special in my heart. Usually, the artists that I’m drawn too are depicting something deep inside of me that is pushing to get out….like the Hulk but less painful? And then I saw him: Lobo:

My very own Lobo by the amazing Fuller Designs (thx James)



















Of course the one I saw was like him, but not mine because he was already gone (check out James’ store). And I was heartbroken when I realized that I’d found him too late. So I finally mustered up the courage to approach the creator of this magnificent beast to see if I could somehow get him to make another so that my dream would come back to life. Yep, courage because I’ve never approached an artist to ask for something specific that could be touched, admired, loved, and just for me. And lo and behold, he agreed and we discussed the little details that would make him part me as well. I was also a bit leery because there are artists out there that only certain kinds of wallets can meet (that’s definitely not mine). But I’d met someone who is doing this for more than just earnings – he was doing it because he loved what he did. Conversations finally turned into what your eyes are now feasting on. I’d followed Fuller Designs for a while and knew that others were equally ecstatic about him, and now I knew why.

My dreams are probably no where near yours. I’m attracted to so many different things, though they all seem to tie together by an underlying current that strikes at my soul. Whether they are cute or scary, they reflect a little of me. No, I’m not a beast, but I’d like to think that I have that something that keeps someone on a particular path without flinching. Of course, we all flinch, but it’s pushing past that dread that makes us find ourselves.

This is the magic that artists like James hold. There is talent and dreams all around us, waiting for us to find them. Their creations reach out and poke us in the gut to say “Hey! Can you see me? Don’t you want me?” And without question, our answer is “YES! YES! OMG, YES! (Let me check my wallet first) What am I saying, YES!” To James and artists everywhere, thank you, and please don’t stop. Your dreams are fueling a world that we all want to dive into.

…from the bottom of my soul, Thank You!


Excited About Movies….Batman V. Superman

So, like most of you, I’ve been busy creating dams for others and not for myself. Boy, do I miss being creative. I hope that you all are doing much better at making things than I am.

Well, this has been the week for movie trailers, what with the impending release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. While I do love Chewie, I am more of a Batman fan. So when I saw the trailer leak yesterday, followed by the official teaser from WB today, I shrieked like a little girl. Seriously, take a look at it:

I’ve only vaguely followed the comic story lines, but there are just so many now that it’s a bit exhausting to keep everything straight in my head. And I’m a writer who thought that I was good at details?! But the storyline of Superman getting a god complex and needing a takedown is indeed a pretty amazing way to twist a character into fitting humanity, don’t you think? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it does the same for aliens as well. We’ve seen it in stories like the Green Lantern, Batman, and so many more, and it’s a good reminder that stories are taken from real life which has a tendency of creating trials and tribulations for the masses.

OMG, I cannot wait until 2016 to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. March 25, 2016 is so far away. I’m even starting to think that Ben Affleck is going to be pretty good by the looks and sound of him – there’s an honest attempt to capture Batman’s dark side to full potential and I’m all for that!

I will always say YES to the Bat! How’s this for sparking some creativity?! And I forgot to say thanks to the WB for the early present.


Net Neutrality….WINS!!!!

Today is a historic day. The FCC, after having heard from millions of people, has made the decision to protect the Internet by declaring Title II protection. This means that the Internet will be regulated as a public utility, which will make it more difficult for corporations to control the information and its flow. People have been fighting to protect the Internet in the form of its birth: a beautiful, free form of communication -albeit more than a bit chaotic at most times. Just like life…controlled chaos. As I’ve said before, chaos can provide creative inspiration, and the Internet is the best example of the birth of a multitude of life-altering ideas by people unconstrained by societal strictures.

Congrats to mankind for winning one small protection against the encroachment of mindless commerce. We’ve been waiting a long time for this victory. And thanks to Tom Wheeler and the FCC commissioners who heard our voices.

edit: I forgot to add that the FCC has also preempted the state laws that bans municipal broadband providers from providing services in competition with established cable providers. Now we might finally get the types of choices that we’ve all been yearning for…like Google Fiber.


World Building

update: I made a slight update to the Book of Life movie below, because I can’t believe I was so thoughtless in not recognizing the entire team. Sorry about that because it really was a team effort, as most things are.


It all starts out in silent white. Like new fallen snow waiting for that first footprint before the happiness can come to life. With each new covering, the world gets a chance to start anew. This is what world building feels like to those who choose to build worlds with their hands, their minds, and their hearts. Have you ever tried it yourself? Do you want to?













This picture (thanks, free stock photos) is what happens when the ideas take over and start to create the world that’s in your imagination. Sure, the snow is still there as it’s the foundation, but it’s also transforming into the ever-changing water that takes the shape of anything that you can put it into. Tempted yet?

If not, then try some other inspirations:

Eric Canete: I missed his Kickstarter when he was in the process of creating his epic book, Encore. When I first looked through it, the images simply couldn’t enter my brain. Each image had a life of its own, and the buildup of pages made a whole new world of superheroes, gods, and fairytale denizens. Who knew that lines of black and white could open up a world that was ready to capture all of the colors we could ever come up with? To show you how much I love this book: I lost it during our move, so I got another one because it’s that important to my inspiration process. If you haven’t picked up his book yet, go to Essential Sequential. It’s a treasure you’ll hold forever!

Eric Canete's Encore












Pascal Campion: And to go to another part of the art world, let me introduce you to another visionary who brings heart into every line that he draws. Pascal has such warmth that exudes from ever curved line, every tinge of color that lifts the soul. And he really is such a great guy  who clearly loves his family. Luckily, he came out with a compendium of his sketches called 3000 moments that also got its start through Kickstarter (noticed a trend here?).

















Are you like me and words are just as important (all of you writers know what I’m talking about)? Then you probably have your list of favorite authors, just like I do. My latest passion that I finished recently is called the All Souls Trilogy which is made up of A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life. The gifted author, Deborah Harkness, is a master of  weaving the stories of history into the magic of the occult, culminating into a breathtaking ride through space and time. If you’re a fan of the likes of Harry Potter and want to mix in some romance, then these books are for you! I hope she writes again soon, but in the meantime I’m planning on going back to the beginning and taking the time jump all over again.












And to bring in the magic of movies, I just got to watch a masterpiece that I didn’t get to see on the big screen. The title will sound familiar to you, but the time and place are in a different part of the world. The Book of Life by Guillermo Del Toro brings the story of Mexico’s Day of the Dead to life in a burst of glorious technicolor through his brilliant use of animation. There simply weren’t words when I finished watching the movie. And when the Candle Maker ends the story with the perfect reminder: Write your own stories, I came to the realization that all of us are driven for this very reason though in very different ways. But first, thank you Guillermo for bringing more magic into our lives as only you can do.

edit: I should have said thank you to the team of the Book of Life because that’s what it took to make this masterpiece. Jorge Gutierrez directed a crew of amazing talents and literally brought a book to life in a way that we used to do all of the time as children.
















These are just a few of the people who inspire me . Browse through this blog if you want to see more – anyone or anything that inspires me are the heart of this blog. All of the people that I’m drawn to in my life are creators. Even my husband the engineer can build just about any world with his bare hands and some electronic parts – it’s beautiful to watch. And every person I reached out to on Twitter (my first foray into social media) are people who use their talents to build the world of their dreams. And that’s what world building is all about: DREAMS.

What do you dream about? Does it make you want to put things together in new and magical ways (if it’s magic to you, then it’s magic)? Does it fill you with yearning until you decide to create with your hands, your mind and your soul? If it does, then get busy and build. In case you hadn’t looked around lately, the world could use some fresh new dreams. There are so many creative people out there, but they can always use the support in building a world that even dreams couldn’t come close to.

Just like the Candle Maker said, it’s up to you to write your own story. The rules are yours to make and break, so that you can make the world that you want to build. So get to it!


…p.s. – Reddit had an awesome post today that lead to an important conversation basically reminding us not to judge a book by its cover, but wait to see what’s on the inside: read the comments that’ll make you cry here – they show us that there are good people all around us.



I just stumbled on this Japanese band named Itsue by accident when a video was forwarded by Reddit. Needless to say, I jumped on buying the CDs (yes, I like to hold my music as well as listen to it) and was excited to receive one of them called “Ikutsumo no E“. Here’s a sample of one of the songs on their first album release back in 2012:

Between Mizuki’s beautiful vocals and the powerful instrumental accompaniment by her equally talented bandmates, it’s easy to tell that Itsue (イツエ) is going to have an amazing music career if they stay true to their sound. Their sound is so much more deeper than other JPOP groups (though I haven’t been keeping up with the new groups) that it really draws you in from the first note. Their second album, Tonight Absolutely (今夜絶対) ) is going to be released on 1/21/15 and I for one can’t wait to hear it since they haven’t released anything in a couple of years.

Music is the universal rhythm that links us to the mysteries of life, and teaches us lessons that resonate deep in our souls. And now this amazing band, Itsue, is about to embark on broadening their sound to the world, one song at a time.


When We Work Together

Curiosity takes a selfie....on Mars (courtesy: NASA)
















So after thinking about all of the difficulties that we have living with one another, here’s a reminder of what can be accomplished when we work together. This selfie of Curiosity, taken ON MARS, should just blow your mind when you think of everything that went into not only creating the rover but also getting it to another planet. Think about how tricky it is to calculate the distance due to the planetary movements around the sun (see more details from Universe Today) and just what scientists have to think about when planning such amazing feats of discovery. Read more about the latest happenings with the Mars rover to see the incredible accomplishments that NASA and science agencies just like them around the world do on a daily basis.

We should also congratulate Great Britain after we found out that Beagle2 did actually land on Mars back in 2003. Though the mission had not managed to gain contact with the lander after its launch, they learned over a decade later that they had actually succeeded in their endeavor through a recent NASA image. Read more about it on ESA’s site and congratulate another insanely smart team for making their dreams come true.

*Thanks to Reddit for being just as curious and amazed at what humans are capable of doing.

Now, if only we humans on the planet Earth could remember just how important collaboration is to our own survival. The news doesn’t have to be filled with only gloomy predictions. It’s up to us, together, just as it always has been!

…just saying


Sorrow…Followed By Anger


















I keep rewriting this because my emotions are in a jumble. The Charlie Hebdo massacre (there really is nothing else to call this) has hit me as hard as 9/11 did. Though the scale is different, the feeling is just as devastating. Sorrow…followed by an increasing anger has become a common theme for so many of us. Something has got to change.

It is just too early in this new year for these bad events to continue to escalate in the way that they always seem to. It’s especially hard because so many of these bad happenings all have a common foundation: the increasing loss of our freedoms. Whether it is by corporations, governments, or religious groups (or some individual who just wants to crush anyone), a majority of people are losing themselves at the expense of a status quo’s belief systems. And that is why this particular moment is resounding within me (and so many others).

Any creative person who values freedom during the creation process will feel this personally. Any attack on our ability to freely create (while hopefully respecting multiple perspectives) is tantamount to attacking us personally. If you don’t respect our right to our own opinion, then who knows what else you’ll disrespect or how far you’ll go to stop us? And that is why this latest attack is just one more in a series that aims at taking away our freedoms, one at a time. Or worse, take away our very lives, which aren’t yours to take.

We have to change the way that we interact with one another. We have to learn to respect the idea that ours isn’t the only way to do, think, or act. We have to realize that the world will only feel smaller if we’re all fighting to take our own piece of it, while screwing everyone else.

Beliefs are  as abundant as they are diverse. There is no one right anything. Until each and every one of us truly understands this, we won’t have a different or better future.

Sorrow….followed by anger just isn’t any way to live.

Stop censorship