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Stranger Factory – Sweet & Sorrow

Kathie Olivas solo show











It looks like we’ll be having a sweet month in July, as Kathie Olivas prepares to open her solo show at their new gallery, Stranger Factory.The show will be open on July 1 at 6:00PM with a fabulous reception for her many ardent fans, and run through the end of the month.

As always, there will be pieces to amaze. But this time, I think that she’s outdone herself with her sparkly choices! Skelves and Lizzies all shine like the jewels they are, while other cuddly creatures lurk around to tempt you in their own adorable ways. Click on the link above to see the preview which will go live at 11:00AM PST. Be ready to push the contact button, because these beauties won’t last! Enjoy the Sweet & Sorrow of it all.


Cicada Princess

I was on Kickstarter today, when my attention was caught by this gorgeous video clip for a movie project currently in development. Mauricio Baiocchi has created a children’s storybook and short  film about cicadas’ short lives, using miniatures and puppets, that is absolutely beautiful. Having grown up in Japan, I’m used to hearing the cries of the cicada during the summer. Along with the intense blast of heat that turned the air into an invisible humid web, their cries seemed to remind everyone of the season when we all melted. I guess you really don’t appreciate the experience until it’s gone.

While the project has reached its full funding request, there is still time left to help Mauricio and his team of talented artists make it an amazing experience for us all. At this rate, he’s on target to hit 1,000 backers. Here the link to Cicada Princess on Kickstarter, as well as the official project site. Go join the emotional ride of the cicadas and their creators. I’m pretty sure that it’ll make me cry.


What Pizza Delivery Did For Me

I’ve been officially working since I was 12. Being a member of the military family did have one perk, and that was plenty of opportunities for work experience. I was pretty proud to be receiving a paycheck, albeit a small one, at that tender age. Sure, it wasn’t exciting to deliver and file punch cards (earlier form of information storage – after all this was the late 70s). But it taught me that I could create my own destiny if I chose, and it’s a lesson that I took to heart. Read more »


Pixar’s “Brave”

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a new movie from Pixar. Not to say that they’re not geniuses in my book, because they are. But this sneak preview was just released today for the movie, Brave, to be released June of 2012. This thing is going to be gorgeous! And it’s going to be great because Craig Ferguson is lending his voice. Well, I’m sold.

For more info, check in at Disney/Pixar’s official site.


Thought For The Day

What is the answer to censorship?

We read the news every day where some organization or another is trying to stop others from experiencing things that they don’t like. But this all amounts to having control over others. Since everyone has different things they consider important, then how does society make the choice of acceptability? Read more »


When Did the Test Even Start?

So, I open my digital NY Times today with a sigh of relief that I can avoid inky fingers for another week. Of course, I won’t give up my “real” Sunday edition because I love being able to feel the copy in my hands (even with the ink issues). Sometimes, you can’t beat the real thing. It connects the writer in me with all of those who preceded me. History at my fingertips. Irreplaceable. Read more »


Forget Lemonade…

We all know the phrase, “If life deals you lemons, make lemonade”. And we can all attest to the fact that we probably have made some tasty lemonade in our time. Some of us have probably made such strange recipes, that we’ve forgotten that lemons were the base. So why stop there? Success is sweet! Read more »


Poetry In Moments of Motion











(thanks for the inspiration, Brooksie77)

Read more »


Rebooting Civilization

Perhaps I’m feeling a bit of an alarmist today, but after watching the rerun of Earth 2100 followed by reading about the G8 pushing a “civilized internet“, it’s really hard not to be a bit worried. The worry part is pretty obvious, but there’s also a sense of hope because of concepts like this : Can We Rewire the Internet? So, I’m using this as my sounding board about this war that’s embroiling our world, the war between two dominant ideologies that both think they’re right. Isn’t it possible for two such divergent theories to find a middle ground so that we can all concentrate on the business of living? There’s no one way that’s right, and forcing a single way that’s intolerant of all is inhumane and uncivilized – even if it is status quo. Basically, this war doesn’t mean anything to our future because it has to end in order for us to have one. Read more »


Serenity Rose fans rejoice

Aaron has announced that our favorite witch is returning with a new volume this October. I’m so looking forward to this new start! Click on the image for more details.

Stop censorship