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And In The Same Vein, Björk Trusts Pirates

If you’re a fan of Björk, then you’ll be happy to hear this. It seems that she wants her new Biophilia App to spread wider than the thresholds of the Apple kingdom. She’s counting on all of you pirates to hear her wishes:

“I’m not supposed to say this, probably,” she told Drowned in Sound, “but I’m trusting that the pirates out there won’t tie their hands behind their back.” She states that her team of app designers made sure that it would be portable to other systems. Going further, she defined her project’s “punk values” as diverging from Apple’s strict code, “Yeah, for sure, there’s definitely another polarity there, a conflict. The only solution for me was to somehow be some sort of a ‘Kofi Annan’ and try and make these two worlds speak to each other.”

Read more on either DesignTaxi or Drowned in Sound. Or go straight to Bjö to see her latest news.

p.s. No, her music is an acquired taste for some, even me. It’s been a while since I listened to her stuff. But this news struck home with me because of her honesty, so I thought that I’d share it with you.


Hackers Can Go Legit With Facebook And Others

Updated on 8/2/2011: And now the government wants their share of face time with hackers.









In case you’re bored, want to make a few bucks, and are good at finding online security vulnerabilities, then you might want to pay attention. Especially if you’ve got insane hacking skills and want to do your socially responsible duties in a more palatable manner.

It appears that Facebook is offering a small reward to anyone who can disclose security vulnerabilities in a socially responsible manner to them. Up for grabs is $500.00 US or more depending on the severity of the find. If you’re part of their security network, then you can go to the White Hat page to report your findings and you might also see your name added to their wall of honor. Other sites like Google are offering similar types of rewards, so check around with them if you’re interested in participating.

- found through DesignTaxi and Computer World posts.


I Wish Creativity Was On A Tap








Usually the tiniest little thing gets my creativity going. One word, one image, one soundbite, and my head goes off on a tangent that is exciting for me to embark upon. But what happens when the world goes quiet on you? I’m sure that you’ve all been here: You’re looking at the pretty empty white space and…nothing. The world is busy doing its business, but the world in my head is like a bulb that went off. It’s interesting because I’m not driven by any particular market but the one of my own creation, so any pressure comes from me. Pressure is a cooker that can turn something tangible into steam wafting into the air. Not quite useful for my purpose. This weekend has been kind of like that for me. I’m sure that it was a little noticeable that my attention had been diverted. It didn’t help that I spent more time than I should have in the mainstream. Who knew that it would put a tourniquet around my creativity? Noise is definitely not conducive to the imagination, and neither is all of the bickering. Not an excuse, just an explanation. Read more »


“I Am Boey” Journal Turns On A Light Bulb (or is it an anvil?)

If you had a chance to read my previous post about the advertising campaign, Start With Sharpie (it’s 7 posts down from here – or click the link), then you were introduced to this up-and-coming artist, Cheeming Boey. I find his work fascinating because everything inspires him to draw on Styrofoam cups. First of all, this is great considering the fact that they’re not easily biodegradable or friendly to our little wildlife friends. So, turning these cups into art canvases seems like a wonderful way of giving them another purpose other than as a cheap but destructive drinking tool.

Well, I had a chance to go this his site, and found that he has a pretty cute and humorous way of journaling his adventures here in the USA. Considering that I’m a huge fans of cartoons, this makes me like him even more. And the fact that he’s hilarious and quirky seals the deal for me. I LIKE HIM! I would like to include one of his journal entries, because it’s amazing to see the creation process from the aspect of someone who uses images as the main component of his story-telling. Read more »


Denial Can Be Bigger Than A River







We all have that line in the sand, that, when crossed will trigger violent retribution from us. I’m not talking, hopefully, of actual violence, but emotional reaction of the repercussion against who we are. Status quo is being challenged everywhere by a younger generation against the established. Actually it’s not the older against the younger, but old views against new views. They each circle around one another, much like two prized fighters just before the bell rings. Sometimes, that reaction is so severe that it doesn’t wait until a ring sounds.

What gets accomplished when denial is the answer to everything? What happens when the standard courtesy of simply listening before responding is thrown out of the window? We’re seeing the first hand results when people go out of control. It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t portray the majority’s wishes. The majority already have an opinion that serves them well, so it’s unnecessary to tolerate those few firecrackers who want to threaten the forest. The majority doesn’t need rules and regulations, because it uses its inner compass. Comfort can forge inaction when the threat isn’t seen clearly. Only when emotion overtakes logic, does everyone react like wild animals and chaos ensues. Then the threat takes on a larger-than-life persona. Like when the majority becomes threatened. Read more »


Another Class Act In Football









I know that the NFL is just starting to get its feet back under itself as they prepare to start a pre-season that is only weeks away. But it seems like some owners still haven’t figured out what the players were trying to do. Many of these players play football because it’s what they love, it’s what they dream of, and it’s what they’re good at. There will be many new players coming in to prove something to themselves and others. It’s probably the same for the veterans. And then there’s a veteran who has nothing to prove, and yet still amazes us. Read more »


My Grand Purpose

For those who are curious – this post was generated for a commenter whose name is Heather Smith. I need to thank her, because she allowed me to put into words my purpose for this blog.

When I started this blog, frankly, I had put little thought into what would come from it. I didn’t start this to get rich quick, because god knows that I don’t have the answer to that age old question that we all chase. I know that it seems to be on everyone’s mind when I see some of the types of comments that I receive: spam that seeks to find the quick plug and back link. Some of it has been shamelessly repetitive, some helpful, and some of it humorous. I do have to thank some of you spammers for at least allowing me to have a momentary chuckle (rings for manly parts, really?). As I keep saying, I actually read the comments and moderate them. I’ve given some of you a few moments of fame in my words, so that’s enough in my book. End of discussion.

But I got the most stupendous comment to date and had to share it just because of the length and the words. You can go to my “Embrace A Little Chaos” posting to see the actual missive (you can’t miss it) because it is impressive! It made me happy because it actually tried to start a conversation with me and others. Now that is what I’m talking about! Read more »


Cars Just Want To Have Fun

Car makers are notorious for having some clever ad campaigns. It’s the one industry that you can count on for finding ways to touch our little consumer hearts. And I love that they use fun art to do it! Here are a couple of new campaigns that caught my interest:

Kia’s Picanto:

Mini Coopers by Access:










- and again, found through DesignTaxi, Fingernail Picanto and Inflatable Mini Coopers


How’s This For Perspective?











Berlin-based artist, EVOL, has created a new exhibit for MS Dockville’s Kunstcamp, which will allow visitors to trample through the city blocks with a new perspective. How’s that for feeling like Alice in Wonderland or Godzilla? According to their flyer, The Kunstcamp or Art Camp represents “a common production and living space for open-air art” that will include guided tours to introduce the visitors to the many talented artists who will be there. There’s a festival in conjunction that will showcase 100 bands, performances, DJs, and art.

So, if you’re in the area of the Elbe River Island Wilhelmsburg by the Reiherstiegsknie in Hamburg, Germany at the end of July or the beginning of August, then you might want to stop and visit this experience. The Art Camp will go public from July 21 – August 7, 2011, and the festival will run from August 12-14, 2011. Have fun!

Note: For all of you artists, in case you missed the sign-up this year, there’s always next year because this event has been running since 2007.

-another find from DesignTaxi to MS Dockville’s site


Collusion Firefox Addon Tracks Your Trackers

I’m sure that most of you readers have realized that I’m more pro-humanity than I am pro-consumerism. I’m not naive enough to say that I’m not a consumer, because even I have physical needs that must be fulfilled. But what I do try to do is make legitimate decisions based upon a well-thought process of eliminations. When I go to large consumer brand name stores or even, do I take close look at the everything about the products that I select? How about those smaller, more personal selections? How about my collections?

  • Are they environmentally conscious? – they don’t have to be green, but at least have thought about it before creating the product.
  • Are they practical? If not, do I love them enough to get them?
  • Will I plan to keep it and use it forever, or near enough to it?
  • Did I make the right choice of sellers who deserve my purchase power?

You get the gist of my process – I want to be as responsible as I can be in my actions. There are certain places that I’ll never go to because their actions go against everything that I believe in.

Now that we’re smack in the middle of the digital age, we have to be aware that there are people who watch our movements. In the past, you would have to be worried about their bad intentions to harm you. But now, you have to worry that they are trying to tie you down to a pattern of behaviors. Google DoubleClick is one way that businesses are tracking their consumers online actions through HTTP cookies in order to provide them with “more personal services and products tailored to what you like”. Since many security software companies consider this to be spyware and malware activity, it’s not something that they let through by choosing to remove your cookies whenever you do a system virus sweep (hopefully that’s more often than not). Well now we might be able to fight back, or at least stay informed with Collusion Firefox Addon. Read more »

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