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Intellect (Or Emotion) Alone Is Obviously Not Enough







Wow, it’s really sad when any kind of writing presented by a university-trained intellectual will inevitably bring out responses from those who are clearly dragging one side of their head against the ground. Perhaps it’s that so many people still use those cave man instincts for proving dominance? Me have PhD behind my name, so me Big Man! It’s not something that I would expect to see from supposedly distinguished and learned individuals, but I guess that I still have much to learn about base human motivations.

In a society where labels and titles promote a person’s standings within our hierarchical society, it’s more than a little frightening to hear words that are designed to build walls of deafness. And when one biased intellect battles against an intellect from a specialty external to his field, then there seems to be little chance of actually hearing a meaningful word exchange that would lead to open communications. Each side insists that it has the only right answer. Right… and that is why we have the color gray in our spectrum. Because there is no one right answer. There are, however, lots of answers that didn’t fit a specific scenario. It doesn’t make them wrong, just not right for that specific situation. Read more »


Art Through The Eyes of OCD

Ursus Wehrli has a unique way of looking at his art. A clear and orderly way of looking at things. A uniquely humorous way of presenting art with a penchant for OCD. His new book, The Art of Clean Up, takes ordinary images and puts on an OCD quirk that makes you look think twice before demanding order. I guess that black and white doesn’t work so well in all situations, huh? - found through a DesignTaxi post


Another Good Cause – Stop It!

Cooper Berella, also known as Super Cooper, is curating his second art show with the help of Munky King. This particular show has a very power message, Stop It!, which is aimed at highlighting the problems that come from bullying and cyberbullying. About 70 artists from around the world have agreed to support this very important cause, including some of the biggest names out there today. The show will be opening on September 10, 2011 at the Munky King Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, with benefits going to GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating a Dialog for Equality) and CHIME Institute (an organization dedicated to inclusive education where kids of all abilities learn together). Need I say more? – found through Vinyl Pulse post


I Am Now A Contributor For Urban Times



If you’ve been following me, then you know that I’m pretty passionate about finding inspiration and making it into something bigger and better for everyone. Well, I was asked to be a contributor for The Urban Times, an online magazine that investigates our future in an optimistic way. Their authors write on a gamut of subjects: built, culture, environment, media, politics, science, technology, the world, and their own features that talk about the future of humanity on this delicate world that we live in. Go on over to read the articles, because there are a lot of extremely thoughtful, passionate, and innovative people who want to connect with us through their words in order to help build a better world. I’m thankful to have found this venue, and look forward to writing for them.

Here’s my first article for them, Humanity’s Outcries Build. Let me know about your thoughts about where humanity is heading.


Change Is What We Need

The Post Carbon Institute put out a pretty good animation story depicting the current world crisis that we are all enveloped in. The warning shots were heard a while back, but we didn’t take it seriously when we needed to. Well, we’ve now reached a point where we all know that change is not only good, but it is necessary.

No matter what pretty packages are put in front of us, we have to listen to their contents first. Because packaging is something that we all love, but know that deep down it’s just simple gift wrapping. Sometimes it hides an amazing prize, and sometimes it’s just something we want to light up and leave on someone’s porch (not something I condone, by the way). Read more »


Shepard Fairey – An Exhibition Of Fine Art Print

Toyroom and Outer Edge Studio is presenting an exhibition of fine art prints spanning the past decade of the amazing and prolific career of Shepard Fairey and his shop, Studio No. 1

If you want to get a good luck at some of his memorable prints in the propaganda style that he’s so well known for.

The show will be open from August 26 to September 30, 2011 at The Independent in Sand City, CA.

- found through Hi Fructose


Yes, Yes, I like Clay Matthews – again

So I was checking into any news on Clay Matthews, since I had heard that he had an injury (NO!!!!). But, hey, in football that’s just seems to be par for the course. It’s not like you’re sitting on a roll of Charmin when more than one 200+ pound guy is determined to make you one with the turf (see, even football has zen). And to make it worse, Clay revealed that he had played last season with a stress fracture because he knew that his team needed him. In the commercial spot above, it looks like he takes his dedication to helping his team off of the field. So cute (I mean manly. Yes, manly)!

Thanks to Brand Channel for writing up a piece on Clay’s ventures into the field of advertising. I know that Clay wants to be known for his hair, but you’re also showing his awesome sense of humor. Can’t wait to see more of him. No, wait, that didn’t come out right…

But I’m glad to hear that he’s starting to feel better as he prepares for more football. YEAH!!!


Steve Jobs In His Own Words

This seems like a good way to start the week. Steve Job’s commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Stanford University. Nothing else to say but hear his words, and take heart. Lessons, both good and bad, can be survived because you are doing what you love:

- found on Mashable post


We Are Children Of The Stars

Imaginary Foundation has found another amazing message that truly resounds with me, a person who loves the stars. No, I’m not talking about celebrities. Them, not so much – though there are some nice and talented people in that world.

The world that I speak of is made up of the heavens in all of its glory. The night sky that blazes with the lights of millions of creations. The night sky in which we draw pictures so that we can feel like we are part of that universe. The night sky which embraces us all in moments of complete immersion. These are the stars of which I speak.

This clip is from Wonders of the Universe, a television series produced by the BBC, Discovery Channel, and Science Channel. Brian Cox is a physicist who hosts the show, and I cannot get enough of his conversations. Clearly, he connects with your soul by making you feel his words. That’s a great gift to have. And we thank him for it.


Within A City

Jasper James, a British photographer, travels around the globe to take pictures. His current images are a portrait of the people who live in a busy metropolis in China. Their images are silhouetted over an image of the city, so that the connection between the two signifies their intertwined relationship. A yin-and-yang portrait. So very insightful. – found through DesignTaxi post

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