When You Let It Alone









And once again, nature proves to be more resilient in its capability to survive almost anything. We tend to equate things in nature as a supplement put there only for our use. Well, that is most definitely not true in a viable ecosystem. One chain lives off another in perfect harmony, and with no need for gluttony. We are not in that same frame of mind, probably since we’ve always been taught that winners take all. But when you’re talking about the game of life, then the rules were not created by mankind.

We’re being shown that when we’re taken out of the equation, nature has a way of bouncing back from the atrocities done by man. National Geographic has an article on the recovery of the Gulf of California when fishermen were taken out of the picture. Cabo Pulmo National Park was protected in 1995 by the people who live near it, and they now have new wonders to marvel because of their choice to live with nature instead of against it.

By reading some comments, it’s a little unnerving to see just how militant we humans are, even towards one another. The phrase, “you reap what you sow”, seems pretty appropriate in times like this. If you want to foster violence, well by all means, participate in the destructive violence. I hope you realize that many others don’t agree with your violence, and will stop you from bringing down the rest of us with you. But if you choose to live together in hopes of reaching some harmony that can be sustainable by everyone, then it’s time to take off your weapons. Weapons weren’t always made to be used. Sometimes they’re meant as a method to stop potential aggression, a d├ętente. The holder of the weapon chooses the path and the outcome for himself and no one else. The consequences of the outcome are something that we all have to live with together, so I’d say that we need to help the weapon wielder choose wisely.


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