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Innovating Learning

Sir Ken Robinson – Bring On The Learning Revolution

Ted Talks is all about innovation, and some of their talks about the possibilities of learning are truly inspirational. Our education is so limiting and standardized that people no longer can relate to the true possibilities within themselves. The true horrors show in everyday actions completed by people who only choose to do what is expected. But what if we all did what could be? If we let our imaginations go way beyond what is known, and embrace what we dream of making real. I have a feeling that many of the problems that we are currently embroiled in would disappear like steam in the air. And reality would be stretched to its limits, which would be a great thing!

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An Enormous Red Dress










For the London Design Festival, COMPANY which is based in Helsinki wanted to create a dress that was like no other. This one just might be that dress. It is made up of 550 meters of fabric, and designed to contain the participants that are viewing the show…literally. The performer fits into the red dress at the center, while the audience takes their place amongst the 238 pockets made to fit them. What you end up with is a cozy venue that really makes you feel like you are part of the show. This is taking creative inspiration to a warm and cozy place! And don’t forget to take a look at their many other projects, which are just as creative and unique! That’s where I’m heading.

- found in DesignTaxi -> COMPANY site


When Art Loves Wood










Mitch McGee, a Texas-based artist, believes in making art for the purity of inspiration. He works in a medium that combines painting with wood sculpting in order to create a symbiosis of man and nature. He is careful about paying attention to the birch wood grain so that it also becomes a key component of the final creation. His main motivation is to continually push his art so that he is creating something unique, even while being influenced by those many predecessors that helped to create a spark in his own imagination.

Take a look at his site to see some more of his beautiful work in oil and other mixed media. He paints with a beautiful palette! And My Modern Met got a chance to speak with him, so don’t miss that as well.

- found in DesignTaxi -> My Modern Met -> Mitch McGee site


Preserving Freedom Of Reading










Ignorance and social perception have once again trampled all over a freedom that we cherish. And this freedom is one that is constantly under attack by a moral majority that continually imposes some contrived list of good and bad content often viewed through flawed and tunnel-visioned lenses. Of course this is all based on their own personal preferences, with little to no balanced consultation from the entire populace, so how this list can be considered fair boggles the mind. Honestly, this practice of book banning does absolutely nothing to stop a person who wants to view the contents of that banned book, images included. Can we really look around at today’s world and presume to render a judgment on what is good and bad, when much of status quo’s everyday actions and words are causing such unmitigated terror upon logical behavior?

One such case that is making itself known in the comic world is the case of “Brandon X”, an American citizen that has been jailed as a sex offender because of the comic book (actually a Japanese manga) that he brought with him. Actually it wasn’t even a physical book, but a digital book on his laptop. First of all, that laptop is his private information and should not have been privy to an official search without cause. Secondly, there was no attempt to understand the cultural perception and mores of the Japanese artists that created it for their own society, and has luckily spread in popularity throughout the world. Read more »


Signs That Tell It Like It Is












The art collective, Trustocorp, wants to tell it like it is, with public signs that don’t hold anything back. Considering their Twitter tagline is “Highlighting the hilarity & hypocrisy of human behavior”, I’d say that they’re doing a pretty bang up job! Check out their Flickr page to catch the latest entries that can be seen around New York, or go to their site to click on the map that indicates the sign’s location along with an image.

I seriously love this type of humor! Thanks for the chuckles, Trustocorp. We all need it!

- found through DesignTaxi post -> Trustocorp


Painting In 3D

James Dean by Stephan Da Costa Gomez












I’ll bet you never thought that you’d find a use for those forlorn-looking 3D glasses you got with that magazine, huh? Well, Stephan Da Costa Gomez is an artist from Amsterdam who is putting 3D into painting. Going after the trend that Hollywood is infatuated with (for the moment), Stephan has painted a series based on famous actors and actresses who lived and died infamously. By putting on your 3D glasses, you get a clear image of the tragic event that stopped a bright light from continuing to shine.

- found in a DesignTaxi post -> Behance Network


Pirate Parties Of The World

This is probably the most inspiring event that I have seen coming from a political world that normally doesn’t inspire:






Well, we all know about the various protests that are starting up against social inequalities caused by a pursuit of moneyed interests. What is new is an international political movement, the Pirate Party, that is gaining traction in several countries, and has now made a huge move into the Berlin state parliament. Amazingly enough, their votes equated to 9% of the popular vote (compared to a paltry 1.5% by the FDP pro-business party).









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For Math Lovers…Complexity In One Place










The Giant Chalkboard motto is “Solutionism. The new optimism.” They want us to realize that “the more we talk together, the more we solve together”. And it’s been working really well, if you were following their Twitter feed. This complex equation took three days to write, and a lot of interaction from people on their feed who tried to work out what it all means.

And here’s the explanation for this giant chalkboard: “Whether you’ve realized it or not, Giant Chalkboard has been telling the story of what science and humanity can achieve when they work together. Every number in this equation is significant to discoveries, accomplishments, and advances that live at the intersection of science and humanity.”

Go to the Giant Chalkboard site to find out the answer. It’s a great one!

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Breaking News…REALLY Slowly

Emily Roose wanted to comment about the ridiculous nature of breaking new stories portrayed by the media. So, she did it with her Master’s thesis for Graphic Design…in cross stitch! I can attest that this is a pretty slow process, but it’s also a thoughtful one that should never be hurried?! Wow, what an appropriate vehicle for a message. I seriously love the irony of her project! Find out more of her story on her blog, The Sketchy Pixel. - found on DesignTaxi post -> The Sketchy Pixel


World In A Bubble










We always see the world through a camera lens. But what if we looked at the world in a soap bubble through a lens? I wonder what it would look like? All of our most cherished places contained within a bubble which is luminescent, yet fragile and short-lived. Tom Storm is just the photographer to show us this amazing sight. He wants us to change our perspective. And he’s traveling around the world to get images from every possible location on our planet. If you want to see more, or help the World In A Bubble project, then go to his site and take a look at his images. Buy a few, and you’ll be helping this amazing project continue. This is a beautiful view of our world, and we can all help him to create them! How inspiring!!!

-found through DesignTaxi -> Tom Storm

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