The Color of Police Brutality













Comments around the world are singling out the increasing levels of police brutality. The people who were once our heroes and protectors are now forcing us to question their roles. Are they there to protect us from the bad, or are they part of something that we can’t see but can now clearly feel? Since OWS and other groups have come out around the world, we are now faced with a stark reality that they aren’t the symbols of safety that we had once thought. And 46 artists wanted to share their own takes of what’s been coming out into the light of day, using the fun of a child’s coloring book format that contrasts with the seriousness of the message.

Among the involved artists: Noah Becker, Tim Biskup, George Boorujy, Kevin Bourgeois, Paul Brainard, Sam Crees, Daniel Davidson, Joel Dugan, EHF, Steve Ellis, Shepard Fairey, Ryan Ford, Dawn Frasch, Brandon Friend, Eliesha Grant, Rebecca Goyette, Maya Hayuk, Liz Insogna, Aaron Johnson, Emily Noelle Lambert, LMNOP, Alfredo Martinez, Lorenzo Masnah, Jason Mitchell, Adriano Moraes, Daryll Peirce, Taylor James Pierce, Jonathan Podwil, Pork, Quel Beast, Nic Rad, Ron Richter, Christine Rucker, Michael Scoggins,Scott Sjobakken, Harley Smart, Andrew Smenos, Adam Suerte, ErlandTait, Pamela Tait, Sam Trioli, Trustocorp, Erik Volet, Chase Winkler,David Yow, and Jason “Heaps” Nelson (the creator).

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, then go to Heaps blog and get one today.

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