Dracula By Martin Ansin













Is this not a beautiful poster of Dracula? Browsing through the eye candy at Inside the Rock Poster, I came across this image by Martin Ansin and immediately fell in love with the mesmerizing image (or is it Dracula’s gaze?).

Martin’s is a graphic designer based in¬†Uruguay – if you want to find out more then read his interview at Changethethought (there some amazing images there)¬†. His style is definitely a mix of comics meets graphic design, but it’s his coloring that really brings his talent to life. Looking at Dracula above, you know what I mean about powerful strong lines, colors, and shades, and it’s there in every piece that he creates to bring his characters to life. His list of creations runs the gamut of Hollywood creations and its players, and he does an amazing job bringing us into a piece of movie history that just fascinates. Can’t wait to see more of his stuff!

Check out more of Martin’s work at his site. It really is pure inspiration.


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