At Least Government Isn’t The Same Everywhere











It really is good to know that not all government officials will bow down to the shrine of censorship to protect $$ (orĀ insert your money denomination). Here’s an image that is getting circulated showing that members of Palikot’s movement in the Polish government were not happy about the decision to sign ACTA, the international treaty on ant-counterfeiting. They were joined by a lot of citizens outside – read a personal account here (forwarded by Techdirt).

At least the European Parliament is willing to hear arguments from the public. Read a note from Marietje Schaake on Reddit with instructions on how to participate to stop ACTA. The final EU vote will take place in June, but there will be a live stream of the public hearing will take place in April. This is another threat to the Internet on the level or worse than SOPA / PIPA. There are also petitions for the White House and on Avaaz to help stand against this latest threat, which won’t be the last.

p.s. If you’re curious why I’ve been pushing these issues a lot in my writing, then please read my next post this afternoon. Thanks.


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