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Thought Of You

Motion with simple lines. I was swimming through Vimeo when I decided to just try my luck by exploring, and boy did I luck out. This video is called Thought of You, and it was made by Ryan J Woodward last year. If you take a look at his credits, he’s done an amazing amount of work on some huge animation projects, as well as a lot of film work. But it’s this project that shows his true talent, because he’s taken extremely basic figures of a couple dancing together in the most amazing way that comes close to magic. That simple 2D figures can turn your imagination on is beyond inspiring. Ryan is definitely a teacher that we can all learn from, just because his imagination knows no bounds.

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Aurora in Norway

We all heard that we were hit by some massive solar storms, bigger than anything we’ve seen in the past 7 years. This video by Helge Mortensen show what the Aurora Borealis looked like in Norway over the last week. It’s really incredible that nature manages to create the most beautiful displays from the most awesome power of our universe.

Here’s another unearthly one taken at Abisko National Park by Lights over Lapland.


A Quirky Alice in Pencil















I am in heaven once again, as I have found that another of my favorite artists, Stephane Levallois (of Toxic Candies fame) did a series of drawings (back in 2010) depicting one of my all-time favorite stories, Alice in Wonderland. Here you get to see the whimsically quirky Alice characters in pencil and water colors for his Le Carnet d’Alice pour Casemate series as seen in his art books. Go take a look at the series because Stephane’s drawings will make you smile in joy at his imaginations of this famous children’s story that captivates adults as well.

And go see the rest of his work, because his off-balance but powerful style is worth the look! And his advertising just makes you drool in amazement at its beauty.


Riusuke’s Goldfish

We’ve all seen that video showing Japanese artist, Ruisuke Fukahori, painting ultra-realistic goldfishes in “Goldfish Salvation” (show just ended at the ICN Gallery), haven’t we? If not, then check this out as it’s beyond mind-blowing:

They look alive, don’t they? Riusuke is using paint submerged in resin layers that take on the 3D shape of a real fish swimming around in the resin water. Everyone seeing this has been gasping in amazement at their realism. But if you want to see more, then definitely go visit his site as there are a ton of shots of his work. And marvel at his style, because he can paint a goldfish with just about any kind of brush (there are quite a few of his videos on YouTube – all amazing to watch).

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Cris’ Lyric














I was browsing around in Inspiration Feed when I came across this gorgeous typographical portrait by Cris Wicks.  It’s entitled “Lyric Portrait 2nd attempt”, and it is a powerful piece of portraiture using meaningful words to capture the essence of the woman that he is portraying. I wish that I could read the whole thing to get the entire story that he’s trying to tell. But the words that I can read are really inspiring. I’m so glad I went exploring today.


Spray That Ghost Protocol

We all know that Cruise’s movie, Ghost Protocol, has been out for a while, but here’s something even more incredible: An aerosol mural for that very same movie. Here’s a video that I found at Inside The Rock Poster that shows Aerosol artist Jim Vision creating this movie mural for Paramount Pictures UK. Yes, yes, it’s a movie mural, I know. There are millions of them, you say. But this movie mural was spray painted while hanging from ropes like you would if you were rock climbing. That’s what makes this pretty incredible to watch: the details that Jim puts out with a spray can and a lot of coordination. I’ll bet that you’ll never look at  a can of spray paint and ropes the same way again, will you?

Go check out more closeup images of their work at the End of the Line blog, and see what else they’ve been up to.


Unraveling Cognitive Dissonance

First off, a HUGE find that started with a great post on The sultry tones of Mela Lee and the Magnolia Memoir Ensemble performing, Don’t Explain:

Because, seriously, how can you not find this number simply amazing and inspiring? The awesome news is that they just signed their first record deal with Peak/eOne Music, so we get to hear more from them!

This is one of the ways that we make our world beautiful again: sharing the inspiration that’s inside each and every one of us.

And now onto my thoughts on unraveling the cognitive dissonance that the world is suffering from: Read more »


Stand By Me – Everywhere

My dad sent me this link, and I just have to share it (as well as keep it here for posterity to connect with)! You all know and love the song, Stand By Me. But how about a version where musicians from all over the world play it as it bounces from one place to another. This is one of the most magical moments that I’ve experienced in a while. Music connecting us all, no matter where it is being played. One song, one sentiment, one melody that magically transforms this moment into one that is shared by the world. And they’re all Playing For Change. Pretty wonderful moment in time, isn’t it?

BTW – Definitely (!!!) go check out the Playing For Change site as it’s got some amazing music. These guys (and girls) ROCK!!!!

- thanks Dad, Vimeo, and Concord Music Group for this special treat


The Art Of Music – Take 1

As I continue to stumble into wonderful finds on Reddit through tweets that make me hold my breath before I click the links, I came across a piece forwarded by a Redditer asking for some love for a friend’s drawing. This is what was on offer:


















Isn’t it incredible?! Reddit delights me with something special every day. : )



You all know that I fell in love with Walk Off The Earth‘s recent song, Somebody That I Used To Know. Well, once I was clicking on the other videos being featured, I stumbled on a song sung by the only female musician in the group, Sarah Blackwood. This lovely song, Drowning, was the first one that I played, and I became even more enchanted with her music. It is a rather haunting song that depicts emotions that all of us have encountered at some time in our lives. You need to listen to this and then go hear some more, as her music is enchanting. I need to listen to more of her. So do you!

p.s. The notes on the YouTube page indicate that she’s released 4 new songs in total. Gotta go hear them!

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