Everything Is A Remix

And to end our Vimeo day, watch this really great video series called “Everything Is A Remix” by Kirby Ferguson. It’s a four-part series talking about the flaws that are inherent in our IP regime. This is the last of the series, and it’s a straightforward explanation about the lunacy that surrounds the idea that creativity is all about originality.

Of course, there is always a personal spin on anything that we as individuals make, but it’s hard to assume that we were the only ones with THE idea. We hear the argument that originality must be protected, but to what end if it means the end of inspiration. If we were all to “shield” our work from being remixed, just how far into the future would we get alone? No one does anything alone. No invention was done in a vacuum. No creation could have come into fruition without help from somewhere.

Our ideas have been co-opted by a system which has gone out of the control because some people refuse to see that we all need to work together. Remixing is not a crime. Remixing is not stealing. And until this mentality is dropped and replaced by something fit for this social time that we live in, then we will never get passed the obsession of IP to create a new evolution of creativity where creators are not treated like criminals, but like valuable innovators that this world desperately needs. Unlike the current IP regime and its corporate protectors, which has become a destructive force that kills our collective future.

Our ideas about IP have to be modified to fit the 21st century model of creativity. Because only then will be able to stop the incessant draconian IP laws that our governments are trying to pass to the detriment of humanity. Only then will we be able to breath a collective sigh of relief and go back to creating as we now do for the betterment of humanity.

See the previous Remix parts on Vimeo: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Kirby’s already got a new project that he needs support for: This Is Not a Conspiracy (Kickstarter project). Show this talented guy some love, won’t you?


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