The Batcave Is Full













This has got to be the most ridiculously amazing full view of the Batcave I’ve ever seen. Les McClain started out with some sketches of Bruce Wayne’s manor, and then continued to grow it until it turned into this masterpiece, Mayhem at the Manor! You need to go check out his site, evil space robot, to see the detailed work because it is a thing of wonder…and the chibi superheroes andĀ villainsĀ are just so darn cute! There’s even an adorable love scene in it between the Catwoman and Batman.

We’ve seen comic artists do this time and time again (I love Chris Bachalo’s style), but not in quite such an entertaining manner. A lucky 250 people got this story poster, which sold out in 36 hours, so the rest of us will have to stare at Les’ online version (or beg him to make more). But oh what a joy to behold! I definitely need to keep up with his art. GENIUS!

- Thanks for THIS treasure, DesignTaxi


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