Reggie Watts – Candy for the Mind and Soul

I found this video through a share by @ProgrammingMate, and seriously thought that I’d hit the mother load. And you know that the star of the video, Reggie Watts, is the real thing when he’s invited to present at Ted2012. But his talent goes beyond the experience, because it’s really his personality that makes the magic happen. Humor, sarcasm, cutting wit, endearing whimsy, and a huge bundle of energy, which all total up to one amazing experience. This is what Alice in Wonderland would be like if it magically came to life in front of our very eyes. Pure candy for the mind and soul.

Honestly, my mind fell open with inspiration for listening to this video. It’s going to be a go-to when I’m walking around in circles, trying to figure out what to create. There are bright stars that make you look up in wonder. But there are also bright stars that make you feel wonder. Reggie is one such star.

And here’s some more (are your mudflaps flapping in the wind now?):

- thanks so much, Federico! The Mendez team strikes again in the most amazing of ways. : )


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