We Need An International People’s Day

Seriously, we are so good at celebrating individual groups. And in many ways, it’s good to recognize the unique characteristics of groups as a show of respect for their ways, their cultures, and their contributions. But have we gone too far in these celebrations that always seems to offend someone who feels left out from all of the hoopla? “Why do they get a day? What’s so special about (fill in the blank)!” If we’re going to move past the petty arguments that some people can’t seem to get over (perhaps because they’re not the center of attention all of the time? – maybe, who knows?) , then we need to find a way to be all inclusive. Yeah, hard task, I know!

But we already do it in so many ways in our daily lives. Collaboration leads to some pretty amazing discoveries. Sometimes you discover that a certain person you didn’t know too well has some amazing hidden talent that just needs to be exposed. Or perhaps the idea that you thought stunk actually can be made better because a whole boatload of people saw that one thing you didn’t and unlocked the magic to spread. Or maybe you just simply found that you really enjoy sharing with others when everyone’s minds are wide open to unlimited possibilities.

That’s what we all need to start celebrating together. We are all a bunch of really amazing people. Individually, who knows what insanity will come to life if we just let it? Together, well, that insanity suddenly takes on a whole spectrum of fun that has everyone’s creative juices flowing. The mind is awhirl, the soul is overflowing, and you just can’t stop smiling (even when someone gets annoyed at your sunshine). And you’ve become a romper room of creativity (come on,¬†we all remember how great this room was).

Simply, spread the wealth. The kind of wealth that can’t be touched because it’s resembles the delicacy of a spiderweb but has the strength of the most powerful thing in the universe. We need to look at people at their most basic levels and find the similarities that somehow manage to create the most amazing individual because we allow everyone of us to be free.

We need an “International People’s Day”! It’s a day that celebrates humanity as a group of really amazing creative people whose contributions fill our world with wonder. It will also be a day where the bar is set so that anyone can be inspired to do something bigger, grander, and more brilliant because we inspire one another. And finally it will be a day where we say that we will put aside our differences, so that we can find a way to make collaboration a natural part of how we interact with one another.

If you want to fight, pick another day. If you want to insult someone, pick another day. If you want to oppress, sorry, pick another day. And so on with each demeaning behavior that’s meant to harm a target. We’ll start small: one day a year. And then we’ll change it to one day a month. Until eventually, it becomes everyday. Simply because we respect the differences that make us all unique. But we realize that we’re all the same underneath, just with different experiences that shape and mold who we are. But who we are doesn’t ever stay stagnant. It changes with each new interaction that hopefully makes us a little more fuller in mind and spirit. Plus it puts pressure on those who keep causing intentional damage to others because everyone’s lost interest in them.

The superhero image is just an example (so don’t start with the insults – first step to making the day real). Everyone has a hero that they want to emulate, but don’t let it limit your potential. Because you can be pretty darned amazing if you give yourself a chance, though it’ll take you ignoring the bombarding messages that constrain who you will be. Heck, you can even make your own custom superhero suit to show off the amazing you!

Yes, celebrate the individual because they deserve it. It’s not easy being an individual. But if it makes it a little easier by creating an International People’s Day, then why wouldn’t we want to make it happen? The spotlight might not be as bright as some would want, but it’ll sure be a whole lot bigger. And a bigger spotlight brings a bigger game, because after all we’re only human and we’re pushed to be a little better when we see someone else do something pretty awesome. It’s our nature, so why not use it to our advantage for once? Not only will we thank one another, but I’m pretty sure that the entire world will be more grateful that we’re all finally walking to a different beat…together.

I think that Reggie Watts said it the best (and we all know it’s true):

Every person in the world around you is really good at something. All around you, constantly, there are amazing people and you’ll never know…unless they have a badge on.

Here’s a chance for each one of us to get our own unique badge that celebrates the individual and the human collective together. Because we seriously have to move past the divisions and start working on the additions. Or even the multiplications (in a good way for once). And what’s more awe-inspiring than a day that recognizes each and every one of us as special?!


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