Kelli Sees Things Differently

There are geniuses, and then there are creative geniuses, and they actually are all around us. Case in point: Kelli Anderson, an “artist, designer, and tinkerer” who challenges the norms that we accept with no issue every day. But in Kelli’s world, there is no such thing as a norm, because disruption is the name of her game. And from this talk and her site, it’s clear that she takes this mission very seriously (with an awesome sense of humor).

She created a paper record player as an invitation, which I find amazing. But she also participated in the Yes Men’s fake New York Times (I wrote about it at the Urban Times) by creating all of the fake, hopeful Utopian news that we all crave. I seriously loved this project, and wish it were true! Everything she does is to disrupt status quo, and it’s brilliant and necessary.

So check out Kelli’s site and see what she’s up to now. Kelli definitely sees things differently, and I love her view of our very colorful world. It’s going to be a fun ride with her. I can tell. : )


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