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Being a female, I still don’t quite always understand how the male mind works. And it’s clear that the male mind is equally boggled about how the female body works. But this has got to be the most entertaining visualization about a woman’s “special” time known as THAT time of the month. Or the word at the end of a sentence. Yeah, my hubby used to laugh because I couldn’t say that word in front of him when we first got married (it’s been years, I’m over it).

I’m chuckling because it’s actually quite a good representation of how women feel during those oh so special days. So, the next time one of you guys wants to hug (or do more) your woman during her cycle (or she asks you to buy her supplies), well, remember this image and prepare to feel a little sorry for her. She now knows what’s really going on in her body. Ha ha ha. I can’t stop chuckling at how cute the male mind can be sometimes.

- thanks Reddit – your minds are so fascinating

  1. Hey Carolyn,
    Now there’s a TOPIC! The mail mind, just so you know, works like this. Food in, TV on, beer in hand. Burp. Sleep. Repeat as necessary. No wonder we can’t figure out the “cycle”.

    I forget this special time evey month and my wife and I always laugh about it. “Why so crabby?” I ask,”why such as idiot?” she responds. Kidding.

    Cool sketch. Where did you find that one?

    • Ha ha, it was posted on Reddit (click the link at the end of the post to see the full convo) and I couldn’t resist because it feels like such an accurate portrayal of how women feel during those “emotional” times. Considering it was made by a guy who was trying to understand his girl, I felt that an appropriate tribute should be made. ; )

      I’m sure that the male mind is much more complicated than you say. If it wasn’t, women wouldn’t be equally stumped. And that makes for exciting relationships, no? Great to hear from my fellow muskateer. I hope that you’re having a great week so far.

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