Virtual Choir Is Back – VC3

You’ve all heard me rave about Virtual Choir, the brain child of Eric Whitacre and an amazing collection of singers from around the world. Well, Virtual Choir 3, Water Nights, was just released and it’s as incredible as the first two. This time, 3746 videos from 73 countries participated in another soul-stopping performance that takes choir music into the digital realm. This is the power of technology that is used with love. It has the ability to lift each and every one of us to new heights just by simply experiencing the sounds of thousands of voice working together in perfect harmony. Eric’s Virtual Choir shows the beauty that we humans are capable of achieving when we collaborate. One more reminder of how we will all move forward into the future: Together.

p.s. If you can, support Eric and the Virtual Choir by getting the new album from iTunes. And don’t forget to leave Eric a note of appreciation for this labor of love. We all benefit from his genius.


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