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So what would your “signature you” look like? But not just on the outside. Because you probably want to be known just as much for your thoughts and actions, as you would for your appearance as an individual. Most of us would because we’re all complex human beings who have three dimensions.

Remember all of those tests they made you take in high school (do they still do them)? They placed you into certain categories to help you identify your path in life. Did they really help all that much? Or were they kind of like your horoscope – close enough to get the job done? But you’re not made from a cookie cutter, so you probably floated around trying to find your realĀ signature you.

I know that for a long time during my teens and twenties, I was into boots (combat or granny). And they were not the girly-girl types – the clunkier the better for me. Yep, that fit my personality. I was not some delicate china doll, so no designer styles for me. I was (and still am) a dreamer and adventurer who would try anything once (until I got wrapped up in bandages) so that I could find out who I really was. Years later, I still do things pretty much the same, though I’ve learned many lessons to be applied to my methods (and lessen injuries). But my signature you has always been just something comfortable – like an old favorite shirt that had seen better days. If you wrinkled your nose at my wrinkles, well, that’s life. I’ll take it, wrinkles and all.

What makes up your signature you? It’ll be complex, but it’ll be like little gems that lead to the ultimate treasure…YOU!

- found through Piccsy

  1. Well, you got me thinking a lot… I don’t seem to find my signature me! If I have to choose one, I’d say it’s my short hair but that was a decision I made almost 4 years ago so it’s too “young” to say. After thinking about it for a while I realized I’ve always had something green on me: when I was 9 it was a hoodie, when I turned 14 the hoodie transformed into a skirt, after that it was a long jacket and so and so. Nowadays is a green woolen scarf, always the same tone of green. Green is life, right?

    • I wouldn’t think to hard about the signature, because it’s only just one aspect of the you that wants to speak out. Green is definitely a GO type of color, and I sure see that in you from over here. : )

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