Yochai Benkler Embraces Open

Yochai Benkler is a Harvard law professor that believes in openness and sharing. He has been talking about the disruption that is now happening with collaborative projects that will progress our society to the next stage of its evolution. No longer will we be relying on industrial institutions to set up the methodologies of production. Our world that is in its infancy is now in the hands of the people who choose to share their efforts with one another in order to build something more inspirational. Here’s his Ted Talk that he gave in 2008, though he’s been busy since then. It’s a fascinating discussion on how our economics has already changed in the 21st century, even when our own governments are attempting to stop the act of sharing – ┬ánot piracy, sharing. And here’s his name for it: Social Production.

He’s well known for his book, Wealth of Networks, but he’s also recently given another talk that simplifies the battle that the people have been fighting against outrageous laws like SOPA and ACTA: The Blueprint for Democratic Participation (thanks Boing Boing and Twitter). And here he is discussing the new democratic awakening of the Internet with Bloomberg:


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