Before It’s Too Late – A Tribute to Ugonna

Update: I just heard back from Max and his friend Jamie, who both played/produced with Ugonna, and they mentioned that they have put out a tribute album in memory of Ugonna’s brief but powerful light. Go and check out this link to buy his memorial album – all proceeds will go to his family. And drop a line of thanks and encouragement to both Max and Jamie as they continue to pursue their own artistic endeavors in music and film. Like I keep saying – there are some amazing people out there to find and support!


What I Still Haven’t Found – Ugonna

I was going through Reddit when a title caught my eye. There is so much talent in this world, and when it goes undiscovered, it’s a tragedy. One such talent by the name of Ugonna “Iggy” Igweatu falls into this unfortunate category. From the OP’s story, it sounds like he passed from an asthma attack (at the too young age of 24). After hearing his last song that remains untitled, I really wanted to hear more from this man with a beautiful voice. Wow, I was blown away at his talent with the harmonica and the Blues. Unfortunately, he only had four videos posted on YouTube, and they’re all incredible to hear. He really had talent. The world does indeed need to hear his voice.

A thought…

If you want to do something about your own dreams, do it before it’s too late. You never know what life has in store for you. Basically, it’s a short ride full of mystery that only you can uncover. Sure, we all have bills to pay. But, when is the cost of ignoring your dreams simply too high? Your worth is higher than anyone will ever tell you. Don’t be fooled by the conformists. They don’t know the real you. Only you know what you’re fully capable of…what you dream of…what you know is inside of you. There’s a lot of creative people who are finally embracing their true selves, going against the naysayer. Bravo!  Trust me, squashing it down just so you can mindlessly shuffle through the day is not the answer. It hurts A LOT when you do this. You’ll never get back the chances that you lost until you try your hardest to reach for them.

All those people who say that creativity is about making it big don’t get why creativity really exists. There will always be those who need tangible proof of success. But there are even more who understand the importance of the intangibles. These intangibles are what fills up your creative well so that you can keep making something of your inspirations. That’s the real fuel for a visionary.

p.s. To maxlanman and the rest of Ugonna’s loved ones – So sorry for your loss. Ugonna sounds like an incredible man. He leaves behind some beautiful memories that can still be shared. He’ll always be an inspiration to others. That’s his legacy. We need to keep creating for him and the other silent talents that never got to share their full potential. It’s up to us to keep dreaming for them.

  1. Thanks for posting this. Really nice.

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