Don’s Openness Principles

Don Tapscott loves openness, and it shows in this talk. But what’s most important about this talk is the all-encompassing overview of how openness touches every aspect of our lives. If you want to be completely overwhelmed with good feeling, then listen to what Don has to say. He talks about the four principles for openness: 1) Collaboration, 2) Transparency, 3) Sharing, and 4) Empowerment. These four principles came about because of the Net Generation, a global group of people who co-exist and collaborate on the Internet.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” – US Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis

This quote that Don used is perhaps the most profound idea to come out of the Internet. In our world, the established forces are battling against the forces of openness. This battle has only just begun, and is full of the same intrigue and corruption that pervades all such great battles that are meant to change our world. Who will win really isn’t all that important because the actions that are emanating from the openness which already runs rampant globally is now firmly rooted. It shows every time a piece of biased legislation is confronted by the voice of the masses, who are now fully educated about the topic because of the Internet. When you have information so easily accessible, no one really has an excuse that they didn’t know about something. The information is readily available through all sorts of open channels or easy-to-find directions to the treasure trove of data.

This talk is exactly why I and so many others are actually pretty positive about the future. Sure, the present is full of pain, but the possibilities that lay just within reach are absolutely breathtaking. Now, it’s up to each and every one of us to make sure that someone reaches those possibilities and collaborates openly with others to turn them into a reality that truly inspires us all. We’ve seen some realities coming into being: the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, Kickstarter, and so many more groups of highly motivated and visionary people. We need many, many more to completely kill the roots of the current establishment which no longer seeks true innovation. Our current world is full of decay. Who wants that, unless you’re a director of horror movies? Openness gives us another alternative that actually builds in a healthy and sustainable way.

The 21st century is our time. Grab it with both hands and an open mind, heart, and soul. Others are already waiting for you to join them, and boy do they have some amazing dreams to share.

p.s. You’ve probably already heard of Don from his multitude of books, including Wikinomics.


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