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We all understand that the ability to connect globally because of the Internet has been life-changing for many. Whatever we may think, we get out of the Internet what we put into it. There is a wealth of information available for the gathering if you’re willing to dive into the ether. Just as there is immense opportunities to share yourself with others if you so choose. No matter your views, you can’t escape the Internet’s voice because it is everywhere.

Much of our world is looked at through the lens of fiscal responsibility and ownership. But is that all there is to building anything? Of course not! Money may provide the lubricant to the process, but it is the incalculable amount of sheer brain power that has built the Internet into what it is today. What was once a way to maintain communications in case of catastrophe is now a way to create bridges between people anywhere in the world. No longer are we limited by physical conditions, because we have a portal that opens any conversation that you could want at any time, any day, anywhere. Good and bad, which is what makes up life.

So, are the investments that helped to build the backbone the only viable claim to the Internet? What about all of the content that is created every minute of every day by people around the world – people who aren’t associated with corporate behemoths who want to claim ownership. We have traveled through the many ages of humanity with the idea that things around us can be claimed by a person, usually the strongest or one with the most resources. But there is much more to the idea of any property than its physical characteristics. Some things are meant to be shared by the world, because only then will its true value be created. It is meant to be a flicker that enlivens the flame of inspiration, so that we keep dreaming even more grander ideas than the one that started the process.

That’s what the Internet has become – a treasure meant to be shared by the world. Not to be owned by those who have to most resources. We are leaving the era of “he with the most wins”. With limited resources available in today’s world, we need to relearn the concept of sharing – that idea that we each had to learn as children. And this is something that the Internet is capable of accomplishing for every person in every nation of the world.

So why is the control of the Internet so important? Well, it is a conversation that is highlighting the old world concepts and new world vision. We’re learning that ownership is leading to an enormous amount of dangerous conflict and inequality. And we’re also seeing that a new generation of idea sharing is helping to build a vibrant platform that needs to keep the Internet as open and free as possible. This topic covers a lot of concerns such as paying-for-share, safety, civil liberties, society, and so much more. And it needs a new conversation to bring in new thought processes and objectives. Like this one here. See where your position lies with those involved in this conversation. Because it’s addressing how we want our society to think and act in the future. And we’re at a turning point in history that demands that we build society to create a prosperous future for all. Without the usual monetary entrance fee that has always fenced in what could really be.

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