To Be Thankful

Give thanks for what you appreciate: the feel of falling rain against your skin, the riot of colors in nature, the emotions, the connections, the mystery, and the lessons. Everything that you hold dear.













It’s Thanksgiving – a day where we give thanks for all that’s good in life. For some, they’re thankful for the stuff they have. For others, they’re grateful for the ties. Whatever you’re thankful for, make sure that those choices that move you towards something meaningful. Like that carefree joy you feel when you’re completely in the moment and there’s nothing else to feel but the feeling itself.

To be thankful is to appreciate what you’ve got (and it’s way more than just material goods). To be gracious is to give something back so that others can be thankful. It’s the circle of life and we’re all actors in the play. And we’ve all got the ability to give the performance of our lives so that the play is a spectacular one that creates dreams. Look around you – what are some of the things that you want in your dream world? Once you have the answer, then go out and turn it into reality so that others can share in your moment of thankfulness.

May your holiday seasons be full of joy and warmth!

- thanks for the joy of this image by Lukas Kozmus, Piccsy and Colossal


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