Open Yourself To Julie’s Creativity

Julie Burstein is someone who understands creativity simply because she meets it in others around her. To better understand what sparks creativity, Julie spent time meeting creative people to discover some secrets of creativity that can spark the same in ourselves. The four lessons that she covers in this Ted Talk is not the typical positivity that we’re used to hearing. Julie wants us to meet all of life’s challenges headon, both positive and negative, so that we can get in touch with our inner selves where creativity lies. Just like life’s challenges can change us, so does each time we immerse ourselves into the font of creativity. The hue that is left behind with each dip eventually blend with the previous experiences and new colors come to life that will color what we create from each moment we are inspired.

Everyone is creative, just in different ways. Some are good with colors, some sound, and some with what we might consider mundane. But inspiration can be found in the most mundane of things by simply changing your perspective. Look at the ordinary from a different angle with a different mindset and see if you can see that spark that will ignite your newest creation. If you’re proud of what you create, then you’ve honestly embraced your moment of inspiration and have the reward from that moment of freedom. Keep going. Don’t stop. Creativity grows exponentially. It can’t help itself when there are just so many things to be inspired by. Doesn’t it feel magical?


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