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If you’re into dreaming, then you don’t have to look far for miracles. For example, we hear about the complexity of snowflakes along with the fact that no two are alike. Do you believe that? Well, Caltech and many other experts have proof that this fact seems to be true. And you have to believe that each snowflakes path from the sky to the ground would have an impact on their differences in appearance. But getting over that fact, all of their magic can be seen in a simple picture like the one above taken by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin. The world is full of so many miracles when you look at the micro view of our surrounding world and universe. Take a look at Andrew’s album to see more of nature’s beautiful examples of dreams.

Don’t we live in the middle of a dream? And aren’t you looking forward to the next snowfall?

- thanks to Colossal for this gorgeous image


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