Cameras Also Capture Good…And It’s Happens Everywhere

Cruising through Reddit once again, I found a really great video from Russia that has a beautifully awesome and truthful sentiment:

Any act is capable of becoming the best, if there is no self-interest´╗┐ in it. Accomplish good deeds!” – translation from YouTuber elmer2flp

The video comes from ArkadiTM93 whose channel seems to have a lot of dash cam videos, but this particular one is a timely reminder that good deeds translate across any language and to every person. This is literally five minutes of beautiful acts and gorgeous music that leaves you in tears because there really are a lot of good people out there who are willing to help at a moment’s notice. Whether those in needs are old, young, injured, or furry, someone is always looking out to ensure their safety during tense moments. So, no matter how much difference we see between nations, perhaps we need to think that underneath it all, we are ALL the same.

We have the same dreams, hopes, and needs that don’t change because someone is standing in a different land with different upbringing. How about we start to rid ourselves of those ideas that keep us separated, and start to embrace the idea that there are basic needs that we all share and can feel the same about. Bad expectations can be overcome by simply getting to know and caring about one another. It’s a simple concept and yet so hard to pursue in life. Why is that?

And another reminder that cameras also capture good and it really is happening everywhere around the world. We just need to spread it more evenly across the planet! And stop believing that the world only contains bad, no matter how much the evidence points to it. There is always more than just the presented evidence. Just like there is a lot more good that takes place from where this video leaves off.

-thanks to Reddit for a share that needs to make a circuit around the world!!!


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