Economics Is Now Easy…Because of Mark

Most of us need a primer on the various schools of economics, told to us in simple words that highlights what really is happening in our world today. Enter Prof. Mark Blyth, as shared by Cory on BoingBoing, telling us about the colossal stupidity that is austerity. If you’ve been watching the news in the past few years, especially since the 2008 global collapse, then you are probably really confused about those people in charge who are literally shooting at the balloon that is keeping our boats above water.

Sorry for the heavy content of late, but seriously, we really should be concerned about all of this because it directly impacts our ability to stay creative. We need the type of creativity that will create a new explosion of ideas that will take us well into the 21st century which is counting on us to stay curious and keep learning. So, take a listen to a really interesting and funny talk by Mark as he explains why so many people at the top are really clueless in the school of economics as it works in the real world.

“Bait and Switch” should give you a clue on how you should be currently feeling. Economics is now easy to understand because of Mark, but we still need to work on a better alternative than a method that was made popular with the likes of used car sales and the like.


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