Excited About Movies….Batman V. Superman

So, like most of you, I’ve been busy creating dams for others and not for myself. Boy, do I miss being creative. I hope that you all are doing much better at making things than I am.

Well, this has been the week for movie trailers, what with the impending release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. While I do love Chewie, I am more of a Batman fan. So when I saw the trailer leak yesterday, followed by the official teaser from WB today, I shrieked like a little girl. Seriously, take a look at it:

I’ve only vaguely followed the comic story lines, but there are just so many now that it’s a bit exhausting to keep everything straight in my head. And I’m a writer who thought that I was good at details?! But the storyline of Superman getting a god complex and needing a takedown is indeed a pretty amazing way to twist a character into fitting humanity, don’t you think? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it does the same for aliens as well. We’ve seen it in stories like the Green Lantern, Batman, and so many more, and it’s a good reminder that stories are taken from real life which has a tendency of creating trials and tribulations for the masses.

OMG, I cannot wait until 2016 to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. March 25, 2016 is so far away. I’m even starting to think that Ben Affleck is going to be pretty good by the looks and sound of him – there’s an honest attempt to capture Batman’s dark side to full potential and I’m all for that!

I will always say YES to the Bat! How’s this for sparking some creativity?! And I forgot to say thanks to the WB for the early present.


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