Voices…Just Beginning

We watch commercials that touch our hearts and remember how they made us feel. Most of these ads are done by well known ad agencies. But there are more voices out there, and some are just at the beginning of their journey into the world at large. I found this short on Reddit, and was amazed that this was done by students from the Filmakademie Baden-Würtenberg in Germany. The work is titled, Dear Brother, and will leave you in tears before its final note. If this is part of their demo, then I’m going to be amazed at what they come up with after some time immersed in the trials and tribulations of life. Atmosphere marries poetry, letting us wander through the tender moments of memories that last long after time evaporates.

Dorian und Daniel are already making their marks on the world, and  it looks like each one will be full of emotion and powerful storytelling. It sounds like this school has a tremendous history helping to create some amazing talents. It’s wonderful to see that the filmmakers of tomorrow still understand that the power of a story well told is the foundation to great works. We just need to get the message out to the rest of the world that creativity is something to be nurtured and respected without thinking about numbers and standings. Bravo to two creators for making such beautiful masterpieces that will stand the test of time, and best wishes for a long and creative future that fulfills you to the depth of your souls.

- As always, thanks Reddit for pointing me to such amazing talents when I need to see them the most!


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