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A Worthy Opponent (courtesy of gargantuan18)





















Battles are always hard fought, but rarely do the victors choose to respect the fight at the end. Well, it’s clear that gargantuan18 understands the good fight and how to celebrate a worthy opponent. So, he gives you the Rat Memorial from the seemingly endless Eggy Battle of 2016. And who doesn’t like a tasty egg? Clearly, both of them do love those eggs – scrambled or otherwise.

After a year full of battles that we all have fought, lost (or won if you were lucky) or even observed from afar, it seemed like a fitting way to end this year by share how true honor is shown. Not the disrespect that we all have experienced by being on the losing side, but the worthy respect for the ultimate battle of wills. And understanding the need for a good sense of humor when the going gets tough.

If only those in critical roles could learn this lesson as well. Otherrwise, 2017 is going to be way more bumpy than 2016 (hopefully, not as fiery as this one). At least Reddit is always available to share these stories.

…just saying


Happy holidays to everyone!!!


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