Hound is Back – Hound 3: Liberator

Cú Cullan is a Celtic mythological hero, and his story is part of the the oldest stories known as the Ulster Cycle to come from Europe’s history. He is the central figure to the Hound trilogy that I’ve been following since the beginning.

If you haven’t read the first two Hound books by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin, then you really need to go find them now! The Kickstarter campaign for the final story in the trilogy is going strong for another 9 days and they’ve almost reached their goal. That they haven’t yet is something of a mystery, as this story is a hauntingly beautiful one told with mesmerizing (and gruesome) strength that has already made waves.

As you can see by the page below, it is a powerful telling with incredible graphics and a captivating story spanning three books that originated through two previously successful campaigns with the current one drawing to a close soon. Check out the campaign (click on the Kickstarter campaign link above) to see what’s involved in this final telling from the trilogy.

I have read books 1 and 2 multiple times just to remember how the fierce warrior manages to overcome the many wicked deeds that seek to destroy him. In a world of violence and greed, here’s a hero who embraces his strengths and weaknesses in order to overcome adversity in all of its forms. He is always bruised and battered, sometimes out of control, and yet manages to move forward with a determination that can only be found in select few who have the courage to face darkness head on.

A gorgeous page from Hound 3: Liberator





















Here’s my own piece that was created from the original Kickstarter campaign. I have it on my wall of treasures as a symbol to strive for when encountering my own trials in daily life. No matter the size of your own problems, the solution is always to come face to face with it. Pretty incredible image that I really cherish from a story that I’m glad is being told with such passion and talent.

My very own slice of Hound heaven














And if this isn’t enough for you, choose to become part of the story in a unique and lasting manner. There are a few ways to be immortalized next to the hero himself. Just, go check it out right now and join the Hound brigade that stands with Cú Cullan. Story telling of this level come only a few times in our lifetimes, and the opportunity to support Hound 3: Liberatory is now.

p.s, Also, get in touch with Hugh Welchman to find out more about Hound the movie. I can’t wait to see how they’ll immerse us into the story in moving form. I know that it will be as beautifully done as the books! Plus, he’s a really great guy.


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