When Others Create

We’ve all created something that we embrace as our own precious gift. We become invested in it because we put so much of ourselves into it. Whether it was a game, a book, a show or any other creation, it spreads its wings and glides into other souls. And those souls embrace it as their own, because they pull something unique from it that they relate to. The cycle moves on, growing like a ripple in the water driven by a joyous wind.

When another creation is born from that which we treasure, our expectations are high and pure. We want to feel that emotion that birthed a love so true. If the emotion is discordant, then we hit out against the blasphemy that we perceive. But is that right? Or did we just not open ourselves up to a hidden path that someone else uncovered, unseen by ourselves.

We forget that when others create, their dreams do not always match our own. That is the beauty of dreams – there are an infinite variety, some hidden and some seen. See the colors and textures as only you can, but don’t limit them to what you know. Don’t close yourself off to another’s dream simply because it is feels off to you. Give it a chance, because there is an opportunity to find new lands to explore. Every journey has the potential of changing you, and that is what life is about.

Creations are indeed infinite but also delicate. If you try to capture and tame them, chances are that you will endanger their very existence. Let them go free and see where they will take you, without preconceived notions. You may not be happy at what you see at this exact moment, but the future is wide open to create anything that you can dream up. So, when others create, embrace the difference. It’s all around you. And it feeds a hungry soul that is looking for a reason to grow and prosper. Every creation begets more, ever growing and ever changing to something beyond our expectations. How beautiful!

…just saying


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