Truth Can Hamper







When you only seek a side which is close to your truth, are you really seeing, hearing, or even contemplating anything other? Can all of these people who don’t agree with you really be wrong, and only you right? And must you see this as a personal assault against your point of view (which is personal to you, even if others identify with you)?

Truth can hamper real progress when it’s not the whole truth.

Compromise doesn’t mean that others do it, but not you. Compromise means that everyone gives a little to be as fair to as many as can be done. So much in this world misses this point, and we are living the results everywhere. Acceptance without question is not compromise, unless that acceptance has been won after everyone has been heard. That’s the point so many are making that’s not being heard.

Here’s another truth that won’t hamper:






We all have work to do, so shouldn’t we actually try doing it together? After all, this is our collective lives that are being affected, and not some simple game as the system like to portray itself. There’s much more at stake than just winning or losing. We’ve keep missing the point that humanity has always had more than two sides.


- thanks to Umair Haque for continuing to share his perspective to bring truth into the realm of reality.


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