Another Light is Gone. RIP Chester Bennington

Wow, another really sad loss once again. Another light is gone in the music world, and this one hurts and shocks. Linkin Park hit me like a brick when I first heard them in Hybrid Theory. They were my first group that put rap into my orbit along with incredible melodies that struck the heart so hard. Chester Bennington was the powerful soulful voice that lead this incredible band straight into my soul. In a world of bland beats, Linkin Park lit a fire inside me with their unique rhythms, instrumentation, and sheer genius. The song above, In The End, is still my go to when I need to find my head as well as just feel. Who knew that it would be the one that bound me today of all days.

I don’t know what demons people fight, and what happens when the battle is lost to the point that the vast nothingness is more welcome to the pain of daily life. Life is not easy. It’s definitely not fair. And it’s not for those who abandon the shallows for the depths. The more you feel, the more it hurts. I’m really sorry to all of those who hold Chester Bennington next to their hearts. It’s a horrible way to lose your connection with the one you love.

NOTE: If YOU are having problems and feel that there is only one solution left: JUST REACH OUT. Someone will be there to try and help. Don’t go at it alone, and don’t think that no one will miss you once you’re gone. Suicide touches so many people, personally or otherwise. Those demons may bay in the winds of your mind until you just wish for peace and numbness. But the final step shouldn’t be taken alone, as you fall into the darkness. There’s already too much darkness cloaking this world. That’s why every light is special, unique, and necessary. For each light added to the whole has the power to illuminate every corner until the demons have nowhere left to go. You are all needed, even if you don’t realize it. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

RIP Chester Bennington. You will be missed desperately by many.


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