Boy Feeling The Love

T’is the season for sharing, but then every season should be! Boy, all day, every day should be about feeling the love. Especially when times can feel tough for us all.

So, here’s a Reddit share that is making me tear up just a little, because these are the moments that touch us one and all:


I’ve obviously been out of a very important loop with BOY.¬†Swiss singer Valeska Steiner and German bassist Sonja Glass have been making beautiful music together since 2007. And this little clip shows them and us feeling the love. Just a little snapshot in time that will stay in your soul forever. For times when you need to feel just like this.

I wish I’d known about them sooner. I guess that I really need to get out into the whole wide world of music, where there is so much creative brilliance just waiting to be shared. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented duo. Maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll show up in a place near us to share the moment in person.

See, creativity really does lead to brighter moments in your life. Just immerse yourself in the moment and who knows how you’ll change on the other side. It’s really a powerful thing! And so very necessary.


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