A Big Irish Voice Is Gone – RIP Dolores O’Riordan

You keep your head down to avoid the darkness, and life yet again somehow finds a way to shock you into cold reality.

A huge voice from my musical treasure box has disappeared from our world, and we are all the smaller for its loss. Dolores O’ Riordan and her beautiful voice is gone too soon from The Cranberries. This Irish powerhouse of ballads and emotions helped pull me through the 90′s when my feelings needed to be recognized and touched. Zombie understood my being ripped apart by an uncaring world whose fights never took into account the personal losses we suffer individually and collectively. Somehow, listening to Dolores sing, you were able to cry for the feelings that drove our youth to their heights and depths in a dark world.

To say that I’m crushed by the continuing silence that follows each great creator lost is becoming an understatement. Perhaps it’s because those of us remaining are becoming less of who we were meant to be. Each string of an emotion that vanishes somehow removes a little more depth in this universe, and flattens the horizons into a dimensionless plane of existence.

So, for just a brief moment, we go back to a few of those songs that made us a little more whole and able to reach for the depths…




RIP Dolores O’Riordan. Your voice going silent is tough to acknowledge as you touched our souls through your music with The Cranberries. I can only offer my thanks to have known you briefly through your lyrics. Sending my condolences to all those who feel the pain of your loss.


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