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When Did History Stop For You?

It should be a question that we ask of ourselves and others: When did history stop for you? At the very least, it would give pause to think whether our actions match our words. At the most, it would cause us to reflect on our own history to see if it’s something that not only would we be proud of, but so would others looking from the outside in. Sure, it’s an enormous request when we have to make momentous decisions every day of our lives. But isn’t that what life is about? Why are we here? What is my purpose? Am I living up to my best abilities that not only helps myself, but others around me?

The question of life is portrayed as a philosophical one, and yet it is the most important question of our lives. Our histories drive our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions. But we seem to overlook the fact that while history is extremely important for lessons learned, it is still just one tool that we use to help us live our lives.

So, again, when did history stop for you?

  • Was it when you lost something or someone much loved?
  • Was it when you choose to live the past, instead of moving forward with the experiences and lessons learned from that moment?
  • Was it when you picked a path that forces you to live the same everyday, without question and without judgment?
  • Was it when you actively pushed your belief on others, with the sole purpose to move that belief forward at the expense of everything else?

These type of questions can go on forever and should. Much like the needed social debate on topics that affect all of us equally. We tend to follow the path of least resistance. It’s a much easier way to live when life gets too hard to face. But when you find repetition to be constant, and knowledge to be receding, then isn’t it time to ask some other questions?

  • Are we just doing this because it’s always been this way, and there are no other alternatives?
  • When did “accepted” become “only acceptable”?
  • Why do some seem to have more decision power than all of us put together?
  • What does “we’re all in this together” mean to you?
  • Why should we just accept it because we’re told to?

History isn’t just about the telling of it. It’s also about the learning from it, so that we not only learn from it but also move forward while making conscientious decisions that make exact repetition less likely. If things are repeated as they’ve happened in the past, then what have we truly learned? If a path is less traveled, then why can’t we explore it to potentially change everything we know? Why are we so afraid to grow into the unknown, when the unknown is full of so much potential?

Partial map of the Internet in 2005

















All around us, our modern times are showing how little forward momentum the collective society seems to desire. In contrast, the individual people living in these societies are not all quiet participants of status quo. Some want a future, any future, that is different and better than the present for all of us. Some of us understand that it’s important to remember the horrendous times, but do not wish to lift these moments themselves onto a pedestal. History isn’t just about the telling, but it’s also about the living. When you ignore the spirit to adhere to the letter, then you really don’t respect that important spirit that animates the letter. Letters combine into many options, and not all of them are good. The spirit is the intent of those combinations, and that is up to the individual who is acting upon it. So it can vary from person to person, in the same way that letter combinations can be twisted from their origin.

Good or bad? Right or Wrong? Loyal or disloyal? “Or” is a figment of our imagination. These are all up to us individually and collectively. Just like the world is made of both, so are the consequences of actions. No single person can predict every possible outcome. That’s why we have society: to debate with our own personal experiences so that we understand other perspectives. If we’re not allowed to debate, and if we’re forced to conform, then where does freedom even come into the light?

Things like surveillance may seem above your daily concerns, and something that only involves the state, but they are actually the foundation of how you can live your life. Once lost, things are harder to gain them back, especially freedoms. So, it’s vital that we recognize that the world is a very big place that involves each and every one of us to make it turn. You are what make history move forward. You are who stands against those who refuse to move past a moment in time. You are the potential new path that we all need.

History shouldn’t stop anyone. Because if it does, then our futures are in jeopardy. So, speak up when history requires you to.


Change Is The Only Constant

Just as the clouds move through the sky

Just as the moon phases past by

We all know that the only constant

is change.


Sometimes it can hurt

and set you aground.

But sometimes it can free

both you and me to be…




Or maybe just full

of dreams, wishes and possibilities.


We both fear and relish

these moments of change,

because we all know that

nothing will ever be the same.


What was once you and

what was once me

was always ever the starting point

that was meant to see us free.


It’s important to remember

that ME is free,

only limited by what we truly see.


So see with all of your might.

Allow your dreams to take flight.

And never, ever, give up the fight.


Change can be liberating if you stand in the light…



Science Tracks

We all know what science does for us on a daily basis. Everything that we use came from the minds of people who fervently want to understand the universe around them.










So, it’s pretty amazing when a group of scientists have already gotten busy researching the data to find the origins of the Chelyabinsk meteor that hit Russia on February 15, 2013. I just read this BBC article linking to the research completed by Jorge Zuluaga and Ignacio Ferrin. They’ve discovered that it is part of a known class of Apollo asteroids and have provided a path it took around our solar system.

Needless to say, it’s amazing to think that the tools we’ve created are capable of understanding such complex actions that go on in our universe. Science tracks not only our history on our planet, but the entire history of the universe around us so that we can better understand our place within.

Today would be a great day to go out and see what else science does for you. Maybe you’ll discover the next budding scientist hard at work on a new discovery that will change life as we know it. It happens…everyday.

- thanks Reddit for this incredible discovery


Beautiful Straitjacket

All that glitters and gleams

aren’t really what they seem.


Their sheen is meant to blind your sight,

remove your fight,

suppress your light.


Ecstasy becomes agony

stagnates your soul

turned into a corpse

no voice to be heard.


All it takes

to get yourself back

is to remove the beautiful straitjacket

and keep your dreams intact.


Don’t be fooled by the promises…



How would you feel if you were the last survivor on a planet that was tearing itself apart? Here’s a short story about a man who was disconnected from everything, facing the crucial moment where he’d have to take serious stock of his life. What happens at the end of existence? Let’s find out. I hope that you enjoy it!


There! What was that in the distance? Could it be another survivor?

Walt had been floating on his lifeboat for what seemed like ages. As the sun blazed down on him, repeating the same skin-searing process of the past few days, he was feeling lightheaded from thirst. It had been a long time since the rains came to wash him away from the debris of what was once his home.

The earthquake had come before everyone was prepared. Screams barely sounded above the roaring freight train sounds reverberating everywhere. As the land started splitting, Walt had known that this was finally it: the Big One. At least it felt like the Big One, though he had no idea just how far it had spread. The news stations had gone off the air instantaneously, probably because the transmission lines were being swallowed by enormous gapes appearing from underneath. The land looked as though it was screaming in horror along with the rest of humanity. Read more »



Note: This is probably the most honest story I’ve ever written. I wrote it years ago after going through several rough patches in life. I never intended to share it. Until I felt its call…

(btw – I’m fine. It’s a story.)


It was dark and stormy, perfect weather to match her mood. As she watched the birds being thrown around by the heavy winds, she had to laugh at their predicament. There were other living creatures who were in the exact same situation that she was in. Thrown around helplessly, carelessly, as they tried to straighten their flight to no avail. The winds were just too powerful for them. She knew how that was. The winds were too powerful for her as well. Laughing aloud, she walked back to her car so that she could return home. If she didn’t, she’d be getting a call from someone. Someone always called to check up on her. Like they could do something to make it better. Yeah, right, like it was really that simple!


Entering the house, she sighed as she looked around the dungeon of her own making. Hers and his. Things had started out well for them, having fallen in love and gotten married without any questions. And then it set in: LIFE. It always did and she had been expecting it, wondering why it had taken so long to catch up to her happiness. It usually didn’t let her experience happiness for this long and she was glad that things fell into place as expected. It was uncomfortable living under false pretenses. Sure, everyone called her a pessimist but she was actually a realist, born from painful experiences throughout her whole life.

She turned on the computer and was soon immersed in the world that had since taken over her life. He didn’t understand that she loved this world because it was in her control. A little tiny box that opened the world through her fingertips. A world also easy to close with a single button. QUIT. What little control that she had, she didn’t want to relinquish. There was so little of it left that she was beginning to question if this whole thing was even worthwhile any longer. She had her doubts although she would never voice it aloud. The few times that she had had been painful for all involved, but especially for her. Everyone had talked to her, lectured her, explained that things would get better. Made her sign up for stupid counseling. She hated their optimism and hated them for trying to force her to be happy. What a useless emotion! She never got much done when she was happy, only when she was sad.

You’d think that after all of these years that people would know better. How long have I been telling them that this is the way that I like myself? Why should I change to make them feel better? What about me? Doesn’t anyone give a damn about what I want?

Punching at the keys to enter her comments, she had to smile at the response. Here was someone who knew what she was going through. And he was in the same exact place that she was in. It was good to have these attachments that demanded nothing from her, only listened. At least someone listened to what she had to say. For so long, she was beginning to think that she was talking to walls. Whenever an uncomfortable topic came about, no one wanted to hear it. They quickly changed the subject, like if they ignored it, the pain would go away. Well, it went away for them, but what about the person who was actually going through it? Read more »


Notes In My Head

Highs and lows

that cascade in shimmering tones

seek to replicate

ecstasies unknown.


The head is full

of uncut gemstones

awaiting the blade

of creativity honed.


Will they succeed

in tripping from my mind

twisting and turning

sent out for others to find.


The notes in my head

they ring so true,

but setting them down

is part of paying my dues.


So my muse continues to whisper

knowing that I hear

only stopping

when I create without fear.


Our lives intertwined,

our feeling sublime.


The End?

The sun shone through the windows as Tammy washed the dishes left from the mad rush of breakfast. “What a beautiful day it is out there!“, Tammy thought as she lifted up another dish to be cleaned.

Suddenly, the quiet of her neighborhood was shattered by the shouts of running men dressed in black uniforms. Screams could be heard next door, and Tammy quickly ducked to the floor to avoid being seen. The sound of a door being kicked in, followed by one shout, and then suddenly there was gun fire. Frozen in shock, Tammy could only pray that she was safe.

The phone was a million miles away, or so it felt because Tammy knew that she’d have to stand to reach it. “Please, please, please.“, she chanted as she slid across the floor and tried in vain to reach the handset that was floating above her head. “Why didn’t I grab the cell?” , she mused as she carefully peeked through the doggie door that was at the perfect height.

Tammy could see boots walking past her door, and a pair of legs dragging between two of the officials. “Who are these people?“, Tammy thought as she tried to wrap her head around the events that she’d only ever seen on TV. “They’re wearing uniforms, so it must be ok?” But Tammy had never seen these uniforms before, and listened to her gut instincts telling her to stay hidden.

Ma’am, we know you’re in there. We’re coming in to talk. There’s nothing to worry about.” A deep baritone shot out like one of those gun shots and she screamed. As soon as she screamed, Tammy knew she’d made a mistake because she was seeing her own door get kicked in. Boots rapidly entered along with more violent yelling, “Did he go through here?

As Tammy lay cringing in the corner of her kitchen, she refused to raise her face to see her attackers. Somehow, it felt like she could make it go away if she just didn’t see it.

Are you Tammy Hendricks?” One of the dark-suited officers was crouching down to her level to try to get  a look at her. With a quick nod, she answered the abrupt question. After hearing the man order the others to stand down, she slowly looked into the hardened face of the man who was clearly in charge.

Who are you people? How can you just come in without any warning?” Hysterics made her voice shrill, but the questions just came tumbling out without waiting for answers. Not that any were coming from the man who stared hard at her.

Ma’am, did you know anything about your neighbors?“, the officer questioned impatiently. Without waiting for her answer, he continued, “We’ve had reports that they’re violating statutes of the penal code and selling illegal and inflammatory documents against our great nation. Do you know anything about this?

Shaking her head again, Tammy looked at the man in hostility. “Are you talking about the Kahns? Why would you say something like that? They’re wonderful teachers who have contributed so much to this community. What kind of documents are you talking about?” Rising to her full height, she gave all of the men in the room a look of contempt. “They’re science fiction writers as well as being historians. What could they be writing that even approached illegal? I’ve read their books, and they are non-fiction. You know, not real

The officer shook his head and gestured to one of the men standing near Tammy. “It looks like we’ll have to take her in for deprogramming. Such a shame, since her husband did his civic duty in reporting those people in to the commission.

Rough hands grabbed her and held her imprisoned, though she continued to fight against the unwelcome hold. “Who are you people? What’s this commission?“, erupted as she felt herself get dragged out of her own home like a criminal.

We’re the commission on morality, Ma’am. It was passed to help maintain control of the population during these troubling times that are endangering our very nation. We can’t let people question authority if we’re to have law and order. It’s what the majority wants.” The officer stood proudly as he watched another victim of knowledge get taken away. “The people want safety. Well, every demand requires a sacrifice. Even freedom has a price. Our savior has told us that free will comes with limitations. We’re his enforcers.

A squad of black SUVs left the neighborhood as quickly as they descended. In the quiet, a voice rang out, “Tammy, honey. I came home when I heard about the commotion on the news. Are you ok?

But there was no answer…



It’s been a while since I did any creative writing, so today seemed like the day to share another new rough. Hope you like this new short called Lessons. Enjoy your holiday weekend with your loved ones.


“Stop! Is that really what you want to do?”
A pale figure emerged from the mist into the darkened alleyway.

“Who are you?”, spat the aggressive giant holding a weak and terrified man on the ground.

“I am the spirit of history. I have been there through all of the lessons of learning. I appear when lessons are in danger of being lost.”

“I don’t need to learn any lessons. I just need to beat this guy down. Then he’ll get the lesson that he obviously needs. Yeah, why don’t I start with your arm, since you tried to rob me.” The giant wielded a monstrous club in his hand, and had a sneer on his face as he spewed out the ugly words. He didn’t seem to notice that the alleyway was changing in hue, becoming threatening even to him. Read more »


Nothing Is Perfect

We’ve looked around

but failed to see

just what was really

meant to be.


Our thresholds of perception

are nothing but intolerable

for anything that is truly vulnerable.


Nothing is perfect,

though we fail to see

that everything really is

as it’s meant to be.

Not only for you, but also for me.


So when you make a demand

that exceeds every scale,

then you’ve done nothing to land

a future where possibility will prevail.

Stop censorship