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As I’ve mentioned, my interests are quite diverse and will probably converge and diverge with yours. I tend to gravitate towards the dark side! Here are some of the art influences (and I mean a few) that I follow. This list is no where near complete, and you’ll hear of other favorites in my blog. You would be amazed at the sheer volume of my bookmarks (which gets longer everyday):

  1. Circus Posterus -  An art collective who manages to make the grotesque look adorable!
  2. Gris Grimly – An American artist whose style fits perfectly with Edgar Allen Poe.
  3. James Jean – Simply awe-inspiring! I’m sure I’d just stare if I met him.
  4. Barbara Canepa – A European artist who collaborates with some amazing people, and who is the co-creator of Sky Doll.
  5. Brandi Milne – A Southern Californian artist whose whimsy is heartwarming.
  6. Jeff Nishinaka – What this man does with paper is beyond belief…
  7. Stephane Levallois – The creator of Toxic Candies vinyls and more.
  8. Nucleus Gallery – A Southern Californian art gallery that has some amazing shows and great people working there!
  9. Bound By Ink – An award-winning tattoo art magazine that is just jaw-dropping.
  10. Computer Arts UK – My go-to magazine publisher for great computer art training. Simply the best magazine resource around!
  11. Advertising Age – Their online site on everything creative in their industry.
  12. Hi Fructose – The magazine about underground art and counterculture
  13. My Modern Met – An online arsenal of some amazing art news from everywhere and about everything inspirational. Must see!
  14. DesignTaxi – Another online creative home for artists, news, and resource for the creative. Another favorite of mine.
  15. Red Door Gallery – A gallery in Edinburgh that houses some creative talents that are a joy to behold.
  16. Creative Review UK – Another online source for all of your creative news.

And as for some iconic artists and writers of old and new, there are also so many to name (and not enough room or time to cover):

  1. Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Harry Clarke
  3. Edmund Dulac
  4. Arthur Rackham
  5. Kay Nielsen
  6. Sulamith Wulfing
  7. Jessie M King
  8. Edward Gorey
  9. Seiichi Hayashi
  10. Ando Hiroshigo
  11. Douglas Adams
  12. Jim Butcher
  13. Kim Harrison
  14. Nalini Singh
  15. Kalayna Price

And sites that simply inspire (and make you think):

  1. National Geographic – The world gallery and news about everything happening on Earth and all around.
  2. Good – An online collaborative of people and organizations that are helping everything Good that works.
  3. Urban Times – The optimistic foward-thinking online magazine, and a home for this writer.
  4. Ted – Ideas worth spreading – and they spread some amazing ones from some amazing people worldwide. Mesmerizing!
  5. Yes! Magazine – The magazine that brings social concerns to the forefront of people’s minds.
  6. Kickstarter – If you have a dream, they have the way to help you make it come true. Take destiny into your own hands. Love them!!
  7. Fast Co. Co.Exist – We know the magazine, Fast Company, and now we have the site that provides us with lots of food for thought.

Check out the personal side of my other site for more of my favorites: My Musings.

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