Net Neutrality….WINS!!!!

Today is a historic day. The FCC, after having heard from millions of people, has made the decision to protect the Internet by declaring Title II protection. This means that the Internet will be regulated as a public utility, which will make it more difficult for corporations to control the information and its flow. People have been fighting to protect the Internet in the form of its birth: a beautiful, free form of communication -albeit more than a bit chaotic at most times. Just like life…controlled chaos. As I’ve said before, chaos can provide creative inspiration, and the Internet is the best example of the birth of a multitude of life-altering ideas by people unconstrained by societal strictures.

Congrats to mankind for winning one small protection against the encroachment of mindless commerce. We’ve been waiting a long time for this victory. And thanks to Tom Wheeler and the FCC commissioners who heard our voices.

edit: I forgot to add that the FCC has also preempted the state laws that bans municipal broadband providers from providing services in competition with established cable providers. Now we might finally get the types of choices that we’ve all been yearning for…like Google Fiber.


World Building

update: I made a slight update to the Book of Life movie below, because I can’t believe I was so thoughtless in not recognizing the entire team. Sorry about that because it really was a team effort, as most things are.


It all starts out in silent white. Like new fallen snow waiting for that first footprint before the happiness can come to life. With each new covering, the world gets a chance to start anew. This is what world building feels like to those who choose to build worlds with their hands, their minds, and their hearts. Have you ever tried it yourself? Do you want to?













This picture (thanks, free stock photos) is what happens when the ideas take over and start to create the world that’s in your imagination. Sure, the snow is still there as it’s the foundation, but it’s also transforming into the ever-changing water that takes the shape of anything that you can put it into. Tempted yet?

If not, then try some other inspirations:

Eric Canete: I missed his Kickstarter when he was in the process of creating his epic book, Encore. When I first looked through it, the images simply couldn’t enter my brain. Each image had a life of its own, and the buildup of pages made a whole new world of superheroes, gods, and fairytale denizens. Who knew that lines of black and white could open up a world that was ready to capture all of the colors we could ever come up with? To show you how much I love this book: I lost it during our move, so I got another one because it’s that important to my inspiration process. If you haven’t picked up his book yet, go to Essential Sequential. It’s a treasure you’ll hold forever!

Eric Canete's Encore












Pascal Campion: And to go to another part of the art world, let me introduce you to another visionary who brings heart into every line that he draws. Pascal has such warmth that exudes from ever curved line, every tinge of color that lifts the soul. And he really is such a great guy  who clearly loves his family. Luckily, he came out with a compendium of his sketches called 3000 moments that also got its start through Kickstarter (noticed a trend here?).

















Are you like me and words are just as important (all of you writers know what I’m talking about)? Then you probably have your list of favorite authors, just like I do. My latest passion that I finished recently is called the All Souls Trilogy which is made up of A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life. The gifted author, Deborah Harkness, is a master of  weaving the stories of history into the magic of the occult, culminating into a breathtaking ride through space and time. If you’re a fan of the likes of Harry Potter and want to mix in some romance, then these books are for you! I hope she writes again soon, but in the meantime I’m planning on going back to the beginning and taking the time jump all over again.












And to bring in the magic of movies, I just got to watch a masterpiece that I didn’t get to see on the big screen. The title will sound familiar to you, but the time and place are in a different part of the world. The Book of Life by Guillermo Del Toro brings the story of Mexico’s Day of the Dead to life in a burst of glorious technicolor through his brilliant use of animation. There simply weren’t words when I finished watching the movie. And when the Candle Maker ends the story with the perfect reminder: Write your own stories, I came to the realization that all of us are driven for this very reason though in very different ways. But first, thank you Guillermo for bringing more magic into our lives as only you can do.

edit: I should have said thank you to the team of the Book of Life because that’s what it took to make this masterpiece. Jorge Gutierrez directed a crew of amazing talents and literally brought a book to life in a way that we used to do all of the time as children.
















These are just a few of the people who inspire me . Browse through this blog if you want to see more – anyone or anything that inspires me are the heart of this blog. All of the people that I’m drawn to in my life are creators. Even my husband the engineer can build just about any world with his bare hands and some electronic parts – it’s beautiful to watch. And every person I reached out to on Twitter (my first foray into social media) are people who use their talents to build the world of their dreams. And that’s what world building is all about: DREAMS.

What do you dream about? Does it make you want to put things together in new and magical ways (if it’s magic to you, then it’s magic)? Does it fill you with yearning until you decide to create with your hands, your mind and your soul? If it does, then get busy and build. In case you hadn’t looked around lately, the world could use some fresh new dreams. There are so many creative people out there, but they can always use the support in building a world that even dreams couldn’t come close to.

Just like the Candle Maker said, it’s up to you to write your own story. The rules are yours to make and break, so that you can make the world that you want to build. So get to it!


…p.s. – Reddit had an awesome post today that lead to an important conversation basically reminding us not to judge a book by its cover, but wait to see what’s on the inside: read the comments that’ll make you cry here – they show us that there are good people all around us.



I just stumbled on this Japanese band named Itsue by accident when a video was forwarded by Reddit. Needless to say, I jumped on buying the CDs (yes, I like to hold my music as well as listen to it) and was excited to receive one of them called “Ikutsumo no E“. Here’s a sample of one of the songs on their first album release back in 2012:

Between Mizuki’s beautiful vocals and the powerful instrumental accompaniment by her equally talented bandmates, it’s easy to tell that Itsue (イツエ) is going to have an amazing music career if they stay true to their sound. Their sound is so much more deeper than other JPOP groups (though I haven’t been keeping up with the new groups) that it really draws you in from the first note. Their second album, Tonight Absolutely (今夜絶対) ) is going to be released on 1/21/15 and I for one can’t wait to hear it since they haven’t released anything in a couple of years.

Music is the universal rhythm that links us to the mysteries of life, and teaches us lessons that resonate deep in our souls. And now this amazing band, Itsue, is about to embark on broadening their sound to the world, one song at a time.


When We Work Together

Curiosity takes a selfie....on Mars (courtesy: NASA)
















So after thinking about all of the difficulties that we have living with one another, here’s a reminder of what can be accomplished when we work together. This selfie of Curiosity, taken ON MARS, should just blow your mind when you think of everything that went into not only creating the rover but also getting it to another planet. Think about how tricky it is to calculate the distance due to the planetary movements around the sun (see more details from Universe Today) and just what scientists have to think about when planning such amazing feats of discovery. Read more about the latest happenings with the Mars rover to see the incredible accomplishments that NASA and science agencies just like them around the world do on a daily basis.

We should also congratulate Great Britain after we found out that Beagle2 did actually land on Mars back in 2003. Though the mission had not managed to gain contact with the lander after its launch, they learned over a decade later that they had actually succeeded in their endeavor through a recent NASA image. Read more about it on ESA’s site and congratulate another insanely smart team for making their dreams come true.

*Thanks to Reddit for being just as curious and amazed at what humans are capable of doing.

Now, if only we humans on the planet Earth could remember just how important collaboration is to our own survival. The news doesn’t have to be filled with only gloomy predictions. It’s up to us, together, just as it always has been!

…just saying


Sorrow…Followed By Anger


















I keep rewriting this because my emotions are in a jumble. The Charlie Hebdo massacre (there really is nothing else to call this) has hit me as hard as 9/11 did. Though the scale is different, the feeling is just as devastating. Sorrow…followed by an increasing anger has become a common theme for so many of us. Something has got to change.

It is just too early in this new year for these bad events to continue to escalate in the way that they always seem to. It’s especially hard because so many of these bad happenings all have a common foundation: the increasing loss of our freedoms. Whether it is by corporations, governments, or religious groups (or some individual who just wants to crush anyone), a majority of people are losing themselves at the expense of a status quo’s belief systems. And that is why this particular moment is resounding within me (and so many others).

Any creative person who values freedom during the creation process will feel this personally. Any attack on our ability to freely create (while hopefully respecting multiple perspectives) is tantamount to attacking us personally. If you don’t respect our right to our own opinion, then who knows what else you’ll disrespect or how far you’ll go to stop us? And that is why this latest attack is just one more in a series that aims at taking away our freedoms, one at a time. Or worse, take away our very lives, which aren’t yours to take.

We have to change the way that we interact with one another. We have to learn to respect the idea that ours isn’t the only way to do, think, or act. We have to realize that the world will only feel smaller if we’re all fighting to take our own piece of it, while screwing everyone else.

Beliefs are  as abundant as they are diverse. There is no one right anything. Until each and every one of us truly understands this, we won’t have a different or better future.

Sorrow….followed by anger just isn’t any way to live.


A New View

Bruce McCandless untethered flight (courtesy: NASA)



















Isn’t this view inspiring? Although most of us will never understand what this will feel like, we’re all looking for something that will change our perspective. We also hope that it won’t take something drastic to make us open our eyes and experience life as it’s meant to be felt.

We’ve spent the past few years (or longer) going through tough times, and realizing that those times are not equal for everyone. When we question whether the light will actually help or hurt us, we know that we’re not in a good place in our lives. So how do we make it better? That’s the question that we’re all asking one another, while we’re waiting for someone to give us the ultimate answer. Which is not 42 (though we still look to Douglas Adams to see if maybe it might be).

I’ve slowed down on my writings this year because the turning point for me still hasn’t been fully reached yet. And it won’t be until I finally take those steps onto the new path I am yearning for and need to take if I’m to really set my creativity free. I hope that you all have still found those creative inspirations that you need out there without the arrows that I toss out on occasion.

We’re still awaiting what 2015 will bring. The changes which have just now started to take shape will need a lot of help if they’re to grow in this new year. What will you do to change your perspective and perhaps the world? Here’s to hoping that whatever it is, it will fill you with joy and wonder. Much like this image of Astronaut Bruce McCandless II taking an untethered flight during STS-41-B feels like.

Only you can know how high you will fly. Have a Happy New Year!!!


And Then…Heartbreak

All of the problems in this world seem to stem from one major flaw that we all have: we don’t want to listen to one another anymore. I’m not saying that it happens all of the time, but it happens at critical times that lead to major breakdown and heartbreak. Just look at the news and you’ll see examples from the top down to the very “bottom” of society. Yes, bottom is in quotes because it encompasses way more people than those on the top.

Frustrations? Don’t you see them all around you?

  • Religions bash one another and then go after those who question them.
  • Officials denigrate their opponents and then go after those who question them.
  • Institutions claim respect, but don’t reciprocate to those who question them.
  • Families try to support one another, but then lash out when another member questions them.
  • Children are ignored by adults because they are seen as too young to know any better, and then treat one another as adults have treated them.

Why do we have to live in this cycle of breakdown? At one time we knew that if something was broken, then you fix it and make it even better. But after seeing so much carnage, we don’t know where to start to fix the breaks because they’re everywhere.

One point of contention: Could we please stop saying that we are a nation of rules. It simply is not true. Rules are meant to be universally applied, not selectively. That’s why the frustration just keeps growing. When you are surrounded by a system that is full of excuses and exceptions, then it’s just not working! If you know this, then stop saying that rules count. They don’t until they apply equally to ALL. They especially don’t when they change to fit only certain convenient circumstances and are driven by the few who can make the rules. Rules shouldn’t be made by a select few, then expected to be followed by everyone else, unless those who make the rules are also going to follow them as they expect them to be followed….with no loopholes just for them!






Talking is good when we actually listen to the content and feelings behind the words we speak. Empty words from a podium mean nothing because they talk down and don’t talk with. Conversations must be a two-way street.

We all understand with the depths of our hearts that there is so much to fix. But we also know that the system is not equipped to make this happen without change. If you want to see change, then take a subject and see how far forward you can move it. Ignore the norms, because like rules, they are meant to be change to work with what the times require. Change brings with it new norms that are hopefully more balanced and acceptable. Make the world into the most inspirational hopes you carry.

Because there has got to be more to life than this…


Norway Is Beauty Abound













Seriously, Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!

This image by elmofoto presented on Reddit is like shining lights into your brain. Every image I see of Norway makes me fall in love a little bit more. There was even a house hunter show that made me drool in envy. Perhaps I have some Viking blood in me that keeps drawing me to this land of enchantment? All I can say is that this image is the exclamation point to my dreams to go see this land of magic. If you have wanderlust, then follow it until you reach your desired destination. The world is a very large place and it’s full of wonders like this.

Just like my favorite motto from the Hobbit reminds me: Not all those who wander are lost. There is no way that experiencing something like this is anything but life-altering. And we could all do with more of that, don’t you think?

- Elmofoto, please keep sharing images like this with the rest of us. We need to reminder to live!


Congratulations, Rosetta, Philae and ESA


A belated congratulations to the amazing team at the European Space Agency (ESA) who have accomplished an incredible feat after 10 long years of travel to a speeding comet, 67P. To find out more about this historic moment, read the Guardian coverage on ESA’s Rosetta Space Probe or go visit ESA’s site to find out more about what they do.

As I mentioned before, our curiosity is our biggest motivation for exploring the unknown. No matter the difficulties and obstacles, we persevere through the peaks and valleys because we can only guess at what wonders the final destination might hold. All of the space agencies around the world have accomplished so many firsts that seeks to not only broaden human minds but also deepen our knowledge of the universe around us.

Find out more about our space programs and support these travelers who seek to go “where no man has gone before” (thank you Star Trek for putting stars in our eyes): – read the latest astronomy and space news

National Geographic – learn about the planets and space

Science Daily – read about the latest science news covering a wide range of studies

Find out about other space agencies through NASA and Wikipedia


There are as many places to learn about science as there are studies. Whether it’s online or at a museum, go visit and see what science has uncovered. Your mind will love the stimulus!


Whatever You Do….Love It

The world feels like it’s broken to so many. That’s why we need to listen to those people who remind us to do what we love.

It’s really easy to do what is necessary. After rinsing and repeating, that life starts to seep into the deepest part of you, intertwining with your very bones. You feel tired because it saps all that makes you YOU. The reminders to chase your dreams make us angry because it’s not a real option to so many when every day life demands something much more insidious and destructive. We resent what we feel we cannot have. We are afraid to wake up to life. We are afraid to feel alive because we know how much it hurts when we lose something important to us.

The norm is wrapped up attractively because it knows that once we look deeper, we’ll find nothing. Nothing of consequence. Nothing lasting. Nothing awe-inspiring.

The awe-inspiring only occurs when you find something that moves you on the inside. For me it was flying and writing. For others, it is creating works of art. And on an on through the list of the interesting that seeks to find like minds. Minds that are willing to open up to the challenge of making something with your heart and soul.

Those reminders we’re told to ignore because it isn’t practical resound loudly in the normal world. Well, practicality has created the broken world that we now live in. Practicality seeks to numb us so that we won’t fight. Practicality means being servile to something destructive because it compromises our very essence. And each essence is so important to making the world vibrant and growing. Not by worshiping at the altar of tangible measurement, but by destroying that very altar if it seeks to control through fear and intimidation.

Creation means embracing what we fear so that we can smash what holds us back. So do what I do and surround yourself with things that are beautiful or ugly, just as long as they are things that make your heart stutter and your soul tremble. Those awakenings are what so many find so dangerous, because they know that shackles cannot bind those who still stand and pull against them with all of their might while reaching for freedom.

Display those reminders that move you so that you see them everyday. You need the reminder that it is not wrong to chase your dreams.

Whatever you do… love it with all of your might. What comes from this relationship just may help others around you who find it harder to hear the whispering of the soul.

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